day 1 of phase 3 (higher intensity, lower volume)

for time;
1K Row sprint

post time to complete to comments

a few impt things!
- if you feel you need more after this is done, you're not digging deep enough and may not recognize the power that is needed to be placed into this WOD
- recognize that this is a benchmark workout, treat it as one!
- ensure a great warm up focusing on hip power
- if there are days set aside for PB's, today is the day


Gman said...


Sifton said...


Gman said...

3:26 (PB)

Geoff Aucoin said...

3:08.8 (PB).

Good mindset today; good warm-up; fires were burning (especially after seeing DJ's performance); may have started my sprint to the finish about 20-30m too late but I wanted 3:09 today so I'm pumped.

Legs dyin' here.

Trevor Salmon said...

3:34 damper 5.5 footpad 2
pb? don't think I have ever done just an all out 1k before.
rower sucked at Talisman compared to OPT. Must be the guy who cleans them!!!!

Good job so far boys. Predicting a tight race between DJ and Mike.

Todd Dyer said...

time 3:23
20 min later I think I could have gone harder

Todd Dyer said...

Thanks for letting me know about these workouts Geoff. Sparked me to work harder.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Nice work Geoffy! My new goal is to beat Geoff for a 1k row!
Legs still hurting a little from end of phase 2.

Mack said...

Last 1,000m was 3:30.7
Planned a 1:40 pace, ended up with 1:41 for 3:22.1. I went to easy on myself, I felt fine when I got off.

Did a 300m sprint afterwards. 50.3s @ avg 1:23.8 pace

Awesome row DJ.

bso said...

So I set the pace to beat Geoff (congrats buddy!) because I was pretty sure I could. Held 1:34.4 for the first 750m, but it suddenly started to drop and then there was nothing left. Came to a dead stop with clock still running for a few seconds, then started pulling again and did my best to finish well - rowing an average 1:40.


I'm frustrated. This really feels like a nutrition issue and I'm zoning. Performance for me on a CrossFit 3/1 has always been tough - and the Zone diet has never made it easier - not the way I tackle it at least.

I haven't done 3/1 for a very long time. Prior to starting here I was getting very good performance on 3/1/2/1 where day 1 of the 3 cycle was strength work only and most met-cons were 5-10 minutes. I ate paleo + milk and post-workout mix (2:1 CHO(maltodextrin):P(whey)).

Anyway, sorry to rant, but I am now at a loss on how to dial my nutrition for optimum performance on a 3/1 routine. Do you guys zone?

bso said...

Sorry... reread that first line again... what I meant to say was that this was one workout on which I thought I might have a chance of besting Geoff. The guy's a beast and I've got a long way to go before I'm in his league - but rowing is an area I'm pretty strong in.

Anyway.... I'll type a little later after my workout next time so I don't end up eating words later :)

Gord said...

1km row today - 3:24 (PB)
Old 1km row time 3:59- had to go back almost a year in work outs to dig that up.
Aucoin,DJ and mike fitz are beasts on the rower...can't wait to see mike fitz's time.

Goal now is to narrow the distance between myself and the big boys

post workout headache went away about 1hour later..ouch

deejay said...

3:04 (pb) went in with the mindset to just go balls out which meant I really dropped off pace in my last 400m. Next time faster average pace throughout........

Brent Maier said...

I gave it ALLl I had today to catch Geoff. Honest to god, this sprint hurt me worse than any Fran has ever tried.

200% effort today! Great job everyone.

3:11.6 @ Damper 7

Michael FitzGerald said...

3:06.8 (PB) damper 7.5
Lost my pace during 500m-750m. I couldn't move afterward. Great job DJ.

Sifton said...

All I can say is WOW, those are some smoking times.

Sweeney said...

3:28(pb) I have nothing left to give. I have been tasting blood in my throat for the past 30 min.

Nice work to you fellas under 3:10!!!

rwcorson said...

Hurt so bad!
Every 200m got a bit slower. No reservve in the tank today. Everything was aflame.
Nice work boys.

Gman said...

Nice work every one.

deejay said...

Good job men!

Gord said...

I add Rob Corson and Brent Mairer to my rowing beasts.great job guys.

Cory Bradshaw said...

Well, since I gave this my all I figure I may as well post here.

3:12 at damper 10.

Felt pretty awful afterwords! About an hour later I threw up and felt 10 times better though...

Garage Crossfit said...

3:11(pr) on my good old model B

Never have i ever felt a pain like this before, i tasted blood in my lungs, so much lactic acid in my legs i could bend my knees without my legs giving out, no Fran or helen has ever done that to me, not even close. Took 30 min to recover after that. I held a 1:28-1:30 for the first 500m then i fell off the deep end..

Gummo said...


Could hardly walk after this baby!