30 sec @ 90% treadmill sprint - level 2, 90 sec easy jog x 5
(work on pace, posture and comfort at 90%, take notice of stance phase at different speeds, ensure that foot placement is under you for maximal pulling and not braking)
5 min rest
5 rounds for time;
2 Rope Ascents
12 Ring Dips
24 Double Unders
7 min rest
30 sec @ 90% treadmill sprint - level 2, 90 sec easy jog x 5
(work on controlled breathing during work set, and deep breathing for recovery set, and notice the difference b/t the two; this helps for met con run workouts...learning how to breathe hard after weights and gymnastics and then running and getting the breathing back to where you feel comfortable)
post time for triplet to comments


OPT said...

if you have no rope, do 12 dead hang strict towel chin ups per round...we have a 13' foot rope here...and we go from ass to ceiling..
if no treadmill, or you can see out your window that there's something green besides a spruce tree covered in snow, run outside..and we hate you for that

Brent Maier said...

Weather should be good around here tomorrow. You twisted my arm I'll be taking my sprints outside.

Happy New Year everyone!

Chad Action Brandt said...

James I have to run outside in the snow; parking lot. So 30sec sprint almost full out, then 90 sec easy jog x5?
Happy New Year buddy!

OPT said...

chad, that's fine, like Dr. Romanov, running on ice can do amazing things for foor placement

Geoff Aucoin said...

Metcon in 13:41. Sub-10 was the goal but rope climbs were off today. Foot placement was a chore for some reason.

For those running at OPT beware of the treadmill, it shut off every time I had to lower the speed back down from the sprint pace. It may have had something to do with the incline of 2 and the speed being 12 so if you're running at 12 (if you're a man, you are) then just hop off and slowly reduce the speed and possibly the angle so the treadmilll does not shut off.

Why, Fitzie, why??

Sifton said...

1st 3osec runs
Tough as my legs did not want to warm up to turn over. Good Pose Runs on a slippery sidewalk.

Did Strict Towel Chins
Ring dips shoulder to Rings
Double unders were just ok

2nd run
Much more loose for this run, made it farther as I was better able to pull off the ground. Still good posture and breathing.

Tough one after yesterday

Brent Maier said...

Crossfit games 2009 qualification information was released last night ( Looks like my rocky mountain region has 11 states and has only 10 slots, 5 men and 5 women. Canada West has 6 slots total.

It was hard to stomach seeing that but with team OPT's help, hard work and a little of Gods grace, I hope to stand a chance at making one of the 5 slots available.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Sorry coach, do you want 2 towels or 1 to simulate the rope?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Hey Lethbridge boy, "if you have no rope, do 12 dead hang strict towel chin ups per round". Were you out drinkin' last night?

Brent, don't sweat it dude. Work your ass off and be proud of your performance, regardless of the results. Just think, they are taking 12 people in MY WHOLE COUNTRY! We had that many people from OPT at the Games last year!

Gman said...

Happy New year to all.
In Invermere skiing for a few days.
Back at wods on Sat.

Gord said...

Metcon -12:56
Had the same problem with treadmill shutting off.
Rope climbs were tough

Gord said...

Holy fast Michael. I just checked your stats on yesterdays workout. Very impressive buddy...great job!!!

Trevor Salmon said...

nice way to start the year with glowing examples of my weaknesses. I think it's been over 6 months since I did a rope climb.
Runs done outside on beautiful and somewhat slippery Aspen Dr which really made you focus on pose running
No longer much of a metcon - 28:50 first 2 rounds were pretty good considering my slow ring dips and about the 5:40 mark at this point. The rope failures set in so it was either make the quick switch to towel chins or tough it out and rest as needed. The double unders were very inconsistent. 2 rounds they were straight thru and others very fractioned. Seemed like it took about 3 minutes to do the final 24!!
Sure did notice how the rope climbs hit the upper traps on the runs later.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Running outside felt nice..& cold. Pretty slippery in some spots while trying to keep the Pose technique. felt good! Breathing gets a little out of wack during sprint, shallow quick breaths.
Met-Con: Used a Fire Hose for 12 Towel Rope Climbes: good for grip!
Time = 10:11

Kathleen said...

sprint @ 12. Recover @ 6
DU straight through except once when I caught the bar behind me.

bso said...

I'm back tomorrow. Happy New Year!

Michael FitzGerald said...

Pre - learn how to x country ski.

17:30. Felt sick = felt weak = need some rest and better nutrition.

Brent Maier said...

Metcon: 12:58

Rope climbs were difficult because of run dips and poor foot anchor technique. Sprints outside on uphill grade with focus on breathing.

Todd Dyer said...

runs at 12mph work 6 mph rest
wod time 13:50
pull ups done on climbing rope wrapped around pull up bar.
new treadmill worked well.

Sweeney said...

Runs were at 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12 rest at 6.

Metcon: 11:04. Towel pull ups, ring dips and double unders...I thought one of these farm boys was going to hurl a hay bale at me.

Second run felt good. Used to the same speeds as the warm-up.

Mack said...


Did the first round ass to ceiling on the rope. Once I got a bit fatigued I wasted too much time swinging around like a monkey on the rope so I switched to 12 pull ups on it.

JOSH said...

Sprints at 10.1 (fastest treadmill goes) and jog at 5.0 worked on POSE

metcon with rope pullup sub=11:42, the strict deadhang rope pullups were much harder than planned and slowed me down.

2nd set of runs all done at 10.1 and 4.5.

It was hard to get the upper body back into running mode after those rope pullups, thought arms and traps were gonna explode. good wod

Gummo said...

Run #1: Felt strong, good strokes on run.

Met-Con: 15:11 Goddamn double unders. Would appreciate any tips for a struggling fella.

Run #2: Much harder. Pounded the runs, but felt pukie towards the end.