3 sets;
15 fast push up burpees - jump and clap overhead
Run sprint 45 sec on treadmill @ level 2 incline @ 95%
Rest 3 min b/t sets and 5 min after all sets
3 sets;
Sprint Run 60 sec on treadmill @ level 2 incline @ 90%
15 chin ups
Rest 3 min b/t sets and 5 min after all sets
Sprint Run 5 min for as many cals @ level 6 incline all out!
Goal is speed and efficiency for sprints and gymnastics work and getting used to running while gassed
Post notes/observations and Run cals to comments


Chad Action Brandt said...

Hey Coach I do not have a treadmill. I can sub in shuttle runs. Any ideas?

Sifton said...

or rowing?

Geoff Aucoin said...

I call first dibs on the treadmill today!!! I'll be there by 8am!

Anyone know what 'parkswoo' is? That's my word verification but I can't verify that it's actually a word...

OPT said...

Chad, what is the distance b/t the shuttles...too many direction changes will take away from the idea..T-line drills might work for the time allotted as 5 T-lines after burpees...then 6 t lines before chin ups...then as many t lines in 5 min...?

Chad Action Brandt said...

James I have 80-90ft for shuttles.
How long are your t-lines?

Gord said...

60 sec run on 12 speed and chins all straight through.
Run Cal - 111

Thanks for the push Aucoin!!

My word was fries---is that a hint.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Built up to 12 on the 1st part; kept the speed at 12 for all 3 for the 2nd part and the speed varied greatly for the last 5 min run (low 7 up to 12 for the last few seconds).

Cals = 110. I can't believe I couldn't squeeze out one more cal!!

'Fonic' I'm hooked on them!

OPT said...

Chad, do shuttles instead for the same amount of time...
remsincu = next liscence plate for me

Chad Action Brandt said...

Sorry coach worked out before your last post:
T-Line Drill=
*3 Sets 15 PUBurp/ 5 T-line Runs
1.)1:29/ 2.)1:41/ 3.)1:42
*3 Sets 6 T-line Runs / 15 Pull-ups
1.)1:49/ 2.)1:46/ 3.)1:44
No stops on Pull-ups
*T-line Runs in 5min = 20
What is this word of the day stuff?

rwcorson said...

I think I went a bit too hard on the first 2 running parts. Cals - 117

Trevor Salmon said...

My plan was to keep Saturday's for olympic lifting and even though we did oly lifting yesterday I thought I do some snatch related stuff first and perhaps attempt this after. That didn't happen so maybe I'll be doing some of this tomorrow at the indoor track.
I did manage a 95lbs split snatch and a new pb of 110 for OHS and even stayed in the bottom for a few seconds to get "comfortable". Good work to all who did this one.

Sifton said...

P/U-Burpess were all straight and the first set were quick, the last was a slow as the hips were tired.
Chin ups all straight and quick
All runs at 12mph..

Cals 121
Had the treamill going a bit before the speed was up to what i wanted to jump in at, so the cals might be a bit higher than what I really did for accuracy.
Started at 12mph, that only lasted about 1 min, then just slowly degraded back to 9.0mpg


Michael FitzGerald said...

15 PUB/45 sec sprint - PUB all constant motion, about 35-40 sec per 15 reps. Runs at level 2, 12.0 speed.
60 sec sprint/15 Chin - Run at level 2, all chins straight through. The right shoulder was making some nice noises today!
5 min run at level 6 = 126 cal. Average speed 9.3, until the 30 sec sprint at the end. Legs were fatiguing, but lungs were fine.
Felt good for this WOD's, thanks to Leighanne's coffee, and 4 hrs without food.

deejay said...

Was able to do this one almost as rx'd.... subbed 40lbs push press for the pullps. 110 calories on the 5 min run. Mexico is hot, I think I lost like 5 pounds of sweat during that workout..... sea level helped with recovory I think.

Sweeney said...

retsu - is a Japanese word meaning "violent" or "in a row".

Another double WOD Saturday for Sweeney...

Burpees straight through
45 sec sprints were done at 12

60 sec sprint done at 12,10,10
Pull ups straight through - good rhythm

5 min sprint was a b-tch!! Stuck between 8.5 and 10 - 109 cals.

I ate dinner 2 hrs before this: I am choking back a retsu pukie....

JOSH said...

Ice storm in central NY, no running today, decided to row instead

1st set-Calories-21,18,18, burpees smooth and unbroken
2nd set- Calories- 24,22,21, rounds 2 and 3 pullups were broken, my grip was shot from rowing.
3rd set, row 5 min, calories 90, 1305 meters