1-10 chin up ladder warm up
10-1 push up ladder warm up
1 min rest
Build to a tough 1 rep in snatch balance…
3 min rest
Snatch 60% of 1RM snatch balance x 3 reps x 5 sets; 90 sec b/t sets
5 min rest
As many rounds in 5 minutes;
5 chin ups
10 wall balls – 12kg to 11 ft
5 min rest
Tabata bottom to bottom squats x 4 sets of 20 sec on/10 sec off – rest is taken at bottom; hands in front, hip crease below knee cap, you cannot rest with hamstrings on calves, no ball allowed; low score only
Post highest snatch balance and snatch weights, rounds and low score for tabata to comments (i.e. 145#, 87#, 8 rds, 12)


Gord said...

Snatch balance 125lbs failed at 135
reps of 2 for snatch balance @76lbs
chins/wallball- 5 rounds (the ball is solid--my face is not!!Modeling career is over)
tabata squat low 17

Sweeney said...

SB: 108lbs
Reps: 3 x 5, 65lbs
CU/WB: 5 rds + 5 chins
Tabata Squat: 14

rwcorson said...

Another good one. Leg were feeling it in the Tabatas.
snatch balance - 150#, 90# for 3s, 5rds + 7 Wall Balls, low 12.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Snatch Balance 155#
Snatch 95#x3x5
Chins/WBS I only have 20# ball so I threw it to 12ft = 6RDs
Tabata low score = 14

Mack said...

Snatch balance 142, sets with 85
5rds + 8 wallballs
Low 12 tabata B2B

Geoff Aucoin said...

Worked up to a good 145, tried 155 twice and the second one stuck but it was questionable. Did sets with 95.

6 rounds + 3 WB, 20lb ball to 11', 20' walk between movements.

Tabata low = 14

My legs are so damn sore.

Trevor Salmon said...

split stance snatch balance - 95lbs
split snatch 3x5 @ 65
CU/WB - 4rds
tabata low 12

JOSH said...

snatch balance=185(pr)

snatch 3x5 sets with 110lbs

6 rds plus 5 chins and 5 WB (12kg ball is heavy)

tabata low score=17, that hurt alot resting in the bottom

great wod

Gummo said...

140#, 85#, 7 rds, 14 low

Legs felt pumped after those squats.