30” Box Jumps x 10, 30 sec b/t sets x 3
3 min rest
Tabata box jumps – 20”
Total Reps x BWT = score
3 min rest
A1. Bench Press @ 30X0; 5,4,3,2,1; 120 sec
A2. Chin Ups @ 10X0; 1,1,1,1,1; 120 sec
3 min rest
How long does it take you to do 25 double unders for 10 sets…you CANNOT fraction sets…i.e. if you are on set # 5 and you get 15 reps…you start set # 5 again…goal is obviously no breaks and correct rests
Post BWT, Tabata score, UB weights and DU time to comments


deejay said...

what is 30X0 and 10X0???

deejay said...
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Sifton said...

Deejay, I believe it is 3 sec down 0 rest and quick up.

deejay said...

that makes sense

OPT said...

The numbers for the chins and bench are tempo...this is to ensure "intent"...intending on exploding the weight through the concentric activates high threshold motor units...even if it takes 3 second to lift, one still "intends" on moving it as fast and violently as possible...hope that helps...

deejay said...

Yeah I eventually figured out the tempo idea.........
bwt = 202lbs
30" box jumps :19/:20/:20
tabata score = 124x202 = 25048
Bench Press - 205/215/225/235/245
Pull ups - all sets with 40lbs
The gym did not have any jump ropes so I never got to the double unders...... wanted to get some "cardio" in so I did tabata sprints on the treadmill. Off to Mexico I go.........

OPT Mommy said...

DJ, rub it in why don't you... have fun in Mexico while we all freeze here!

rwcorson said...

Tabata low-18reps
Pull ups (supinated grip)-30/40/50/60/65
Dbl unders-9:23, missed on reps 23 in rd 2, rep 12 in rd 4, rep 14 in rd 5 & rep 17 in rd 10. I need to do more work on these when I'm fatigued.

Sifton said...

BW 144#
Tabata Score = 22608 (lowest was 19)
Bench = 95/115/135/150/155
Pull up = 55/70/80/90/100
D/U's time = 4:48
(Missed on 5 @ 15 and 10 2 times grrr)
Shoulders are feeling it today.

Sweeney said...

It's nice to warm up with 50% Body height box jumps...haha

Tabata Low:17
Score: 155 x 17 = 2653

BP - 152,162,172,182,192
PU - 45,55,77,88(f),88

Double Unders: 7:56

Gord said...

box jumps 95X150=14250
bench 193,208,218,220,225

3 rounds of 25du in 11 min...lots of sets that were in the 20's and high teens but they don't count...but I was happy as most of my du are in sets of 10

rwcorson said...

147 reps for tabataX176#=25872
The score was worded lowest rep rd x BWT on the board @ OPT

Trevor Salmon said...

bwt 162
tabata low score 11
bad drop of on round 3. Board at OPT said low score so I didn't track but think it was 18/15/11/11/11/11/11/11 = 99x162=16038
BP - 132/142/152/162/172
CU - parallel grip 40/55/60/65/70
unfortunately the bench is painful on my elbow so haven't done much lately
DU in 8:38 missed at 15 on round 1 then on 22 on round 9
went with the moderate speed steady pace I use for long duration dbl under sessions to minimize the fractioning. No completely spent after so could have push a bit more.
Enjoy Mexico Brit and DJ

Michael FitzGerald said...

Tabata Low = 15. Score is 187 x 15 = 2805. Terrible showing for myself.
CU - 45/74/85/90/95
BP - 177x5/188x4/195.5x3/200.5x2/210.5x1. I despise BP.
DU's = 4:23. Only one fraction... due to a foreign object flying out
of my mouth.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Uhhhh, what was a foreign object doing in your mouth in the first place?

Chad Action Brandt said...

Tabata low score = 18
Body Wt. 180# (I had to use a 24" box we don't have 20")
152X180= 27360
BP = 165/185/200 stopped my Right AC joint keeps popping off and grinding. Yeah I am pissed right now and sore!
Chin-ups = 55/65/75/80/85
Double Unders = 4:39 I did the first 2 sets 50reps, then 25's. One fraction on last close!

Chad Action Brandt said...

I screwed up last night guys, I did use a 20" box. We got new boxes and I am a little retarded by the end of the day. My bad.

JOSH said...

Bwt 170x90reps on tabata=15300
Bench 165 175 185 195 215(def had more left in the tank)
chins 50 70 80 90 105(should have went heavier)
25dux10= 10:40 (i probably did close to 500 of these)

CrossFit HR said...

Tabata Low = 18 (not sure i could have managed more with full extension off the box)
Score = 170 x 18 = 3060
BP = 155/185/205/225/235
Pullups = 45/75/100/110/120 (mixed grip)
DUs = 5:23. Broke last set at 18. Stopped every set at 25 to partition it into 10 sets. Not sure if that's what was intended.