Take 10 min to work on your double unders for speed maintenance; that is, pick a number you like that you can maintain for multiple sets and work at that for 10 min…i.e…pick 20 reps, perform them perfectly with great breathing, position…then rest for 10-15 breaths…not sec…and try for 20 perfect ones again..a great way to improve efficiency
Rest 5 min warming up the jerk, then..
5 sets for times;
80% BWT push jerk x 7
20 chin ups
Rest 4 times the amount of time it took you to do the set…ensure you go hard each set…goal is no fractions and high power endurance!
Post notes on DU’s and times for each set to comments


Trevor Salmon said...

Looks like a cool but hard one. Friday I did Thursdays row workout and numbers posted there. I wanted to do the DL/BJ one but unfortunately my normal 30 minute drive to work took nearly 2 hours and I didn't have enough time. As it was I probably had the shortest warm up next to the CF running cert wod for my rows

Gord said...

DU's -a skill I need lots of work on. did sets of 10. need to work on calm and relaxed. going to start shorting rope a bit.

wod times

Nice work on the deadlift/boxjumps wod Sweeney.

rwcorson said...

Dbl under were 20s.
Push Jerks were @143#.
My grip started fatiguing in the 3rd round and pull ups were broken in 3,4&5 as a result. Push jerks were slow but steady pace.
I need more work on the push jerk and combining pull ups with any other exercise. Looking forward to rest day.

Sifton said...

BW 143#

Double unders - sets of 35's, 15 breaths each rest. (Should have attempted more per set in hind sight)

:54 / :57 / :58 / :57 / 1:06
All Pull ups unbroken for fist 4 sets, last set was 10, 10.
114# Pjerks, all steady and no breaks.

Michael FitzGerald said...

DU's were easy. I think I did about 15 sets of 20.

Times @ 150lb Push Jerk
All PJ's were unbroken, Chins still suck - only first set was 20 straight.

deejay said...

PJ - 165lbs
Times - :50/:54/1:01/1:14/1:10
Good stuff.........

Sweeney said...

2nd WOD today in an attempt to make up for yesterday's poor planning (there's a lesson in there somewhere)

DU - Sets of 20 with 15 breaths between sets. Felt good...not as smooth as Sifton, but it still felt good.

PJ - 128lbs
PJ's unbroken, first 4 sets of pull-ups were sort of unbroken. My timing sucked so I had to reset due to poor balance.

Nice work on this one Gordo!!!

Power to the little people!!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Alright, WTF? Two days in a row and my posts go missing. I'm to f%$king lazy to re-post that so ferget it!

JOSH said...

Double unders were sets of 10, I did about 20 sets, should have went with higher number. 10 breaths in between sets.
wod times :44 :52 :49 :51 :51
all unbroken
Then 4x20reps Ghd situps, 2 min break in between.

JOSH said...

push jerk @ 135lb