part 1

running clock push up burpees

(chest to deck, one hand touches object 12" above max reach with that ONE arm overhead at top)

5 minutes rest EXACTLY after last PUB set

part 2

how many sets up to a max of 30 sets of 5 reps of chest to bar chin ups can you do with EXACTLY 10 breaths b/t sets?

5 minutes rest EXACTLY after last set

part 3

10 sets of 10 GHD Sit Ups; 30 sec ONLY b/t sets; score this by how many sets you can do without resting at top or bottom in set...keep performing all 100 sit ups even if you fraction, just remember which set was broken for scoring

post PUB minutes and reps, sets of CTB chin ups and sets of GHD Sit Ups as scores to comments


Brent Maier said...

Coach, should we approach the PUB's with the mentality of max reps in the shortest amount of time or throttled max reps for as long as we can sustain motion?


deejay said...

is running clock where you do 1 rep in the first min, 2 in the second, 3 in the third, etc????

OPT said...

running clock PUB's are exponential increases in intensity...1 the 1st minute, 2 the 2nd...goal is maximum effort for as many minutes as possible...goal for wod is sustained power with bodyweight

aftioto = city in japan that is economy friendly

bso said...

Burpee with 12" tag on the minute: 12+9
- every missed jump was repeated

C2B pullup. 9 rounds. DQ'd myself on round 10 because I let myself drop from the bar - still had juice, just lost concentration.

GHB situps. All sets unbroken.

Total time: 39:00

Trevor Salmon said...

quick death on burpies - looked at Gord's score in fear and that messed me up!
13rds plus 8 chins
CTB - 6 rounds + 4
GHD sit ups - 10 rds

Gord said...

PUB- 19 rounds (18 min)
chest to bar chins- 10 rounds +4
GHD situps- did modified ones due back issues on these. Went to down only to parallel and back up. I have to move slowly or back hurts. Had to break up the last 2 sets

For the first time in a while I ate poorly for the whole day yesterday- paid the price today. Hit walls hard

Chad Action Brandt said...

PUB = 12+8
CTB = 12
GHD = 7 sets unbroken
Nice work Gord!!

Mack said...

Burpies: 11 + 11
C2B: 9 + 3
Unbroken GHD

Burpies crushed me..... 19 is sick Gord!

Brent Maier said...

PUB: 13+9 (14:03)
Chest to bar PU's: 9+2 (5:39) On the tenth set I still had the power to continue pullups but couldn't hit my chest anymore.
GHD: Unbroken (9:11)

Total time: 38:54

rwcorson said...

C to Bar pull ups-9+4
all GHD sit ups straight thru
gased hard in the burpees
Gord great PUB, Grant nice pull ups

Gman said...

14 + 10 Burpees, no push ups
18 rounds for chins
no break on GHD

Sweeney said...

PUB: 14 + 10
C2B Chins: 10 + 4
GHD - No Breaks

Feels good to be back!!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

13 + 8 for PUBs, gassed horribly.

30 round of CTB pull-ups, 10 big breaths between sets but the reps felt good.

All GHDs straight through and painful.

Anonymous said...

Burpees: 12 Rds
CTB: 12 Rds
GHD Situps: 10 Rds unbroken

JOSH said...

15+0 (15 minutes), squeezing those 15 in were very hard, totally forgot i could have got a few more reps in the next set

chest to bar pullups=26+2, 10 big breaths in b/t sets

GHD's unbroken, last 2 sets were tough

Gummo said...

Part 1: 11 rds with 10 PUBS
Part 2: 6 sets slipped off of bar. Shitty.
Part3: 10 sets unbroken.