for time;
1K Row
21 power clean - 155#
750m Row
15 power clean - 155#
500m Row
9 power clean - 155#
post time to comments


bso said...

What are the objectives of this program and where does it make most sense to start (with the current wod or with phase 1 day 1)?

OPT said...

bso, the plan is Crossfit template methodology combined with progresson based upon scores posted...i.e. phases and progressions are determined based on how everyone performs...the idea is to move everyone forward in ALL aspects of fitness through volume and intensity planning...we feel that competition is imperative so i'd suggest starting today, here and now and see how you measure up..have any questions as you wish...i'll stay on top of it

Chad Action Brandt said...

That was touuch for me! HSPU still get me big time! I am with you Geoff, pretty sore from last 2 WOD's.
Time = 29:39
Merry Christmas Coach and to all fellow Phasers.

Gord said...

Was one tough work out- I learned alot about breathing on this one.
Thanks for the coaching OPT- I got worried after the first few power cleans-but you got me straighted out.

Merry Christmas everybody!!

rwcorson said...

I needed to push a bit harder on the PC in rd of 21, learned to deal with the jello legs off the rower in next 2 rds of PC. Jump & shrug.
Thanks again James!
Merry Xmas to you all.
Nice work Gord.

Brent Maier said...

Time: 23:41 as RX'd (7:57/7:42/8:04)

HSPU's, pushups and burpees are a big weakness for me. Rows averaged 1:45, PC's were tough but constant, HSPU's were down to 2's on round 2 and singles for round 3.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Trevor Salmon said...

the row was actually the hardest part for me today. I paid for resting last Thursday so this was day 4
Didn't realize how tired my legs were until midway thru the 1k row
power cleans all steady single
hpsu were pretty good.
Merry Christmas all.

Gman said...

Merry Xmas to all.

Time 20:58

Subed HSPU for strict chins, shoulder will not take pressing righrt now.

Geoff Aucoin said...

20:45, this kicked my butt something awful. Cleans were brutal and HSPUs were singles by the end. Wanted sub-20 so bad.

Thanks to the FitzGeralds for keeping OPT available today, sorry I couldn't come in to visit, and thank you for these WODs.

Merry Christmas to the whole OPT crew; a place I am very proud to be a part of.

Mack said...

One day behind. Spent X Mas boarding in Kicking Horse. Legs are tired and my rows were brutal.


JOSH said...

transition from rower to power cleans was real hard..

Gummo said...


Felt strong and left it on the rower.