For time;
Back Squat BWT x 21
50 double unders
9 ring dips
Back Squat BWT x 15
50 double unders
15 ring dips
Back Squat BWT x 9
50 double unders
21 ring dips

Score = BWT divided by total sec for workout
(ex. 165 # divided by 420 sec (7 min) = .39)
highest number wins!


Geoff Aucoin said...

192/576 = .333

Squats slow (many pauses) but I only racked the bar after the 10th rep of the 2nd round. Didn't miss a double but broken up in 2nd/3rd round to rest arms/lungs. Rings brutal, I'm thinking the doubles made them that way.

Super-tough WOD, wanted to move much faster but the wind ain't there just yet...

Gman said...

Nice to be back doing WOD, 1st one in 8 days.
176/812 = .22

Chad Action Brandt said...

Rough warm-up today, could not get warm! Furnace shut off last night and woke up to the house being...well I am not sure, the lowest the thermostat can go! YIKES! That's what I get for sleeping in my birthday suit!
Squats are my week point still. Lean way forward on toes when under fatigue; almost a Good Morning!: 10-5-6/5-5-5/5-4.
Double unders broken in 2nd & 3rd RDs.
Ring Dips were solid 9/5-5-5/5-5-5-3-3
Nice work Geoff! Way to push!

Gord said...

152/576 = .263

Squats and du's- I was scared I might need a sun dial to time this one.

Squats are my nemises! did the first 21 straight. broke round 2 & 3 into 5's

DU's - I was very pleased with my first round did 25-23-2. second round was all in the teens. last set was not good- 8's and lower. Not gas left in tank.

Rings were way harder than I expected

Gord said...

Nice job Aucoin and chad - that alot of weight moved in a short period of time

Sweeney said...

sylut - careful with this one

154/475 = 0.362

Squats were OK
DU's felt gross
Ring Dips felt pretty good

Looking forward to a day away from the compound.

Good to have you back G-Man!!!

Sweeney said...

Ooops - I posted the incorrect time.

I was 7:05 (425 sec)

154/425 = 0.362


Sifton said...

wish I could do this one, it looks fun, or so I thought. Reading the comments is making me re-think that. Being caught in a snow storm in Halifax is not all bad I guess

Good work guys!

Trevor Salmon said...

Rest day so look forward(maybe) to tackling this one tomorrow.

Michael FitzGerald said...

188lb/475sec = .396
High rep back squats are BRUTAL. They ruined everything else because I could barely breath as a result. All squats straight through, with pauses. DU's were f**&$d - couldn't move my arms/legs. Ring Dips were the usual disappointment.

rwcorson said...

Back squat are one of my weakest exercises and this WOD highlighted it.
time-737 sec
Too much rest in squats in rd of 15. DBL unders were brutal and dips were difficult, but manageable.

Trevor Salmon said...

squats fractioned a little too much but I kept the breaks short only racked the bar in the round of 15. Just need to get more use to them when breathing heavy
DU were hit and miss...mostly misses
RD- slow singles as usual - need more kipping ring dip practice
164lbs/800sec = 0.205

JOSH said...

170/494= .344

1st round squats unbroken, 2nd round 7/8 and 3rd unbroken, tough

double unders=disaster

ring dips, 1st round unbroken, 2nd set were sets of 5 and 3rd was a mess.
great wod

Gummo said...

209/928 secs = .23