Project Salo update

an update:
shelagh ran her victoria marathon - she ran a 4:16, goal was 4:10...she was quite pleased with the race due to a bug she was fighting at race time...she mentioned afterwards "i could not believe how well i recovered the next day, must have been the squats" (before pic facing right, after pic facing left)
our goals were a 4:10 marathon, 2:10 500 m row, 30 sec static hang, squat to parallel, and 10 push ups...she did a 4:16 run, 2:12 500 m row, squat ALMOST to parallel, 23 sec static hang and 4 push ups (previously pic above not even close to parallel squat, 10 sec hang and 1 push up 2 months ago)...not bad...we'll keep updating, well done shelagh!
sidenote, this was also done running ONLY 2x/week (speed work on Thurs and pace runs on Sun) and conditioning/skillwork for 3 other days of the week...well rounded fitness DOES get you somewhere!
onward and upward!

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