onward and upward

congrats to Chad Brandt, one of our affiliate friends out of Crossfit Lethbridge (http://www.crossfitlethbridge.typepad.com/) for his PR here on Fran....Chad's intensity was superior, form on some thrusters can be improved but intensity was there

on that topic, we usually allow little room on form when the athlete has form dialed in and can coach these movements well....Chad will improve more on slightly missing a few lockouts on thrusters here than lowering the intensity and trying harder to lockout, lowering intensity in this workout and not benefitting from "knowing" and "experiencing" the uncomfortable...you have to get there to better it!

Chad is one of OPT's online clients....we have been doing this program for a few years now without others knowing about it so here is the chance to give someone you know some benefits of OPT while not being here...we usually set up an initial phone consult, then some homework for you to do, then we coach you per day, week or month on daily wod's and progression...and then if the chance arrives like it did for Chad, we meet and train and discuss the future...Chad's goals - CrossFit games 2009...this workout was day 1...onward and upward!

contact Leighanne at optadmin@optimumtraining.ca for more info


Trevor said...

good work Chad. Keep it up and see you back in Calgary soon.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Nice work, man! The pull-ups looked amazing!