Evan Solomon, host of CBC's "Sunday" had a piece - on yesterday...i actually watched with interest (nothing outside of Thomas Train and the Wiggles are getting me into TV lately)..
Dr. Servan-Shrieder has written a book on Anti Cancer about how food may play a part in decreasing cancers and chances of....he gives a personal insight into his brain tumour, the following changes he has made in his food to prevent it from reoccurring and how people can fend off this disease by eating well, exercising and not relying on drugs to save them...
Evan hosted Dr. Robert Buckman on the show after to "chat" about his book and Dr. Buckton...a resident oncologist and "specialist" in Toronto offered his views...mentioning that the doc who wrote the book has a "nice human story" but no research to back up his thoughts of how food or lifestyle can prevent cancer....
he went on to say that Doc Shrieder's comments on how sugar is the main cause of diseases including cancer if totally well as argued against his claims that exercise vs. drugs is almost as good in prevention of breast cancer re-occurence....and the main point of his argument was that Doc S did not tell us what kind of tumour he had in his head...WTF???
am i totally out to lunch here or are we still seriously arguing that food does not help prevent disease...i cannot type as fast as my brain is wanting to right now so bear with me....(doesn't anyone remember how they figured out scurvy - oranges and lemons - whoa!...what a novel idea!)
Dr. Buckton even had the audacity to mention that it is not sugar that causes issues but it was obesity (well how in the hell do people get fat?), he went on to exlain how glucose is needed for the brain and day to day functions (all along this i am thinking - this guy is in a university teaching our next "doctors to be" about how pepsis are fine along with cookies in getting carbs per day) he said exercise yes...but do not stop with Pepsis (i am serious as shit here)....i'll say it again, he said OBESITY causes these cancers, not sugar...seriously everyone...wake the @#$% up...if anyone believes that this is true I ask you to do this..
for the next 25 years, drink 2 pepsis per day, add 2 tsp of sugar to your coffee and tea 2 x per day, and ensure you have 2 cookies after each supper and lunch (just to ensure you get that glucose that the brain needs)....oh wait, i almost forgot, don't forget to exercise...after all, that is all that is needed to prevent cancer...sugar does not matter
i'll see you in 25


P.Larway said...

Did it also seem to you that Evan was leading Dr Buckton to his conclusions? And then the recurring assertion that sound nutrition as a disease fighting measure was "controversial". You said it best when you wrote "WTF".

Geoff Aucoin said...

If I was a betting man I'd say this is an area you are passionate about!

The saddest story is that you can talk to doctors or people that are molding the minds of the future and they are so off the mark with their teachings and preachings. Those are the people that are so afraid of being proven wrong that they'll argue that white is black until they're blue in the face. We have to guide our friends and families down the correct path to wellness; we have to do this ourselves so that the words of our teachers and preachers fall on deaf ears.

Trevor said...

It makes you wonder how all this nonsense got started in the first place. Many people can intrepret the same research in different ways and claim the others are idiots or totally off the mark. I may be taught something from my peers/parents who got it from their peers/parents and so on. It how racism spreads and foolishness like the holocaust hoax. Way off topic a little I know but I agree with James, try getting in as much sugar as you want without getting "obese" for 25 years and see what happens. Hey if you have a twin then they could eat healthy and compare yourselves.

Amy said...

Just working on a documentary that made me think of this, it's called "You Can Heal Your Life." The lady in the movie had cancer, and instead of taking the meds and having the surgeries she decided to make big changes to her lifestyle and nutrition. She was cancer-free in 6 months! Some might say it's fluke, but they had several other people talking about their experiences with the same results, and had medical records to prove it... kind of interesting, I think!

It also discusses how scary it is that people blindly trust what they are told by "professionals" because they claim to have science backing them up - but what if they're wrong? It's like, at one time it was believed that boats were made out of wood, because wood floats. Then someone came along and discovered that the reason a boat floats has to do with the displacement of water.

It's explained much better in the movie!

Sifton said...

Interesting that the Gov't of Canada just announced today the costs of "Health" in canada. Below is the article.

If we change the way we look at health and fitness maybe we could lower the costs associated and have more for other requirements. I am proud to say that I have not used any of my $5200.00 average. Which seems very hard to wrap my head around.
If you look at health as a business there is no way we would want to every get everyone healthy. Sad to say.