the 100 day "no burpee" Challenge

i thought i'd throw a twist to this current challenge by colleagues....
for the next 100 days, for only one time in the day, i want you to remove all negativity from your's a start to a large much needed change

let me give you an example..someone starts up a conversation with you about's about their clothing choice, hair, etc...and you inmmediately mention "how nice the sky is today"...this will in turn totally floor them but like all changes that need to be made, it might allow them to understand that its not accepted around here..

why do this?...well, little things go a long way.
when these thought patterns enter your mind - any negative one at aware of not judge it, just be an observer...take a "fake it till you make it" attitude towards change

and no, do not worry, there will not be a "serenity now" moment down the road for all negative emotions you've been saving will eventually pop out...the practice of positivity will give rise to room in your head to be "present" and more aware...this is powerful stuff

here's the challenge, one good thing at a time, give it a try!
write it down, one day at a time..with a start date, end date and acomplishments along the way...we've tried to enforce this here at OPT and it has made huge changes in staff, community and clientele...give it a go!

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