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question from a friend:

friend: You got anything to say about this? I'm sure much of it is vegan scare-tactics but I'd like your 2 cents if you have the time.

OPT: sure i have something to say about this..this paragraph in particular - And meat in any form is not good for humans. We do not have a digestive system designed to assimilate protein from flesh: We do not have the teeth of a carnivore nor the saliva. Our alkaline saliva is designed to digest complex carbohydrates from plant food, whereas saliva of a carnivore is so acidic that it can actually dissolve bones. The digestive tracts of carnivores are short, about three times the length of their torso, allowing quick elimination of decomposing and putrefying flesh. All herbivores have long intestines, 8 to 12 times the length of their torso, to provide a long transit time to digest and extract the nutrients from plant foods.

when it comes down to recommendations and the constant question of what is good?, what is bad?, which is best? always comes back to "every person is different and needs to be treated that way to ensure proper LIFELONG development and performance"...the last word being the most depends on what you want to do...

bottom line is this, stress (physical and emotional stress causes breakdown through oxidation and tearing, think about this, is stress less today?) - protein helps in this noticed when beginners to working out experience more of a need for protein as well as what they give high trauma patients - glutamine - amino acids...its if the stressors are low...i.e. walking, easy hiking, steady state exercise, toe touches...sure the protein requirement and stress relieving is less required...but when you want to run a mile under 5 min and dead lift 400 lbs...i question and see under all my evidence how one is to survive long term under theses stressors without a full array of amino acids and VARIOUS proteins...i mean all humans we have evolved (and that humans cannot digest meat is a statement made by someone who does not understand physiology and digestion) and can break down MANY things and use them for fuel...we have teeth for both purposes of tearing and grinding...etc...

hemp is a good protein, so is meat protein, so is egg protein, so is milk protein..yada, yada....the question you have to ask yourself when someone trys to connect dots b/t meat usage and cancer rates is WHERE the meat came from....if someone can produce a long term study - 20 years of organic free range meat usage and higher incidences of cancer...then we'll chat, until then, if you want to perform at elite levels of performance - eat your protein - ALL KINDS, as you know just with exercise, you leave anything out or too much of one thing over another, and you'll get left behind...i have results to show this

if you want to live long and prosper with performance being scored a 5th or 6th in terms of importance...then control your blood sugar and you got it in the bag...(side note; i do not know many people that get involved with exercise that over time are not excited about improving the amount of chin ups or push ups they can do...)

there are ways to fine tune of course in examining a little closer how well you do break down and digest cerain foods/protein to know which is best - see my doc - Jeoff Drobot (403-270-WELL) first to know which is best....then fine tune it based on:

1. how you feel - number one indicator of performance - energy, vitality, clear head in respect to food choices...and you have to test it to find out, take some time to tweak the food and take notice of these things (#1 and #2)...what a lot of people still do not do well...track scoring and progress and how they are feeling..."awareness is lost"

2. NUMBERS/scores - are you increasing performance? - do your benchmarks under times of change and see how you perform...and if you're not getting better, evaluate food and lifestyle 1st, NOT the timer, the space b/t ex's, the shitty chin up get my drift

some good reading so you can form your own opinions:

Metabolic Diet - DePasquale

The China Study - Campbell and Campbell

Healing with Whole Foods - Pickford

the Scwarzbein principle - Schwarzbein

there's more......

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