back squat - 5 sets of 3 (265, 287, 309, 319, 329)

felt good, first back squat since May, felt nice, o-lift work has kept hips strong


video wod with Rob and "fun Bobby"

5 rounds: 10 thrusters - 30#/h, 20 KB swings - 20kg x 5

Bobby - 5:30, James - 5:55, Rob - 6:30 ish...good times

my top 3 snack choices for this time of year; make them at night for next day, cut all in half and have at mid am and mid afternoon (basically leftover protein from supper, a seasonal fresh fruit and raw nuts, i'm hungry...)

1. free range organic leftover chicken, a fresh BC organic peach, raw organic macadamia nuts

2. local organic ostrich jerky, fresh BC organic apple, raw organic walnuts

3. free range organic turkey, Eden dried cranberries, raw organic almonds

got some other options?

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gaucoin said...

Some fine camera work from 'Tremor' Salmon. Fun Bobby back at OPT, it's like old times...