how many times can you put 135 lbs locked out overhead from the ground in 10 minutes;

score-55 reps


10 sets of 10 CTB chin ups and 10 double unders alternating

CNS was done after 135 lb power cleans and push jerks...the fatigue in my legs brought back ugly pain feelings from the games...nightmarish.....uugghhh, tried to keep form tight, Grace practice i guess..although when you know its for 10 minutes it's a grinder, not a race....did chin ups on new bar after, felt nice and tight (the new bar that is)

so there's an uproar happening in my hometown of Wabush/Lab City, NL (http://www.theaurora.ca/) read about health care system, lack of doctors, basically they cannot keep doctors, there are more people needing doctors, there needs to be a new hospital..

let's just say, besides being hung out to be burned at the cross at one of the local churches, that i came home and stated this to the people looking to hire more doctors; i.e. looking for a solution...let's just say that they find a doctor for 6 months only, pay him/her $100,000 to take care of the back log and allow the fine docs i remember there (Dr Tom, we still love you) to have a break every now and then...and they pay a personal trainer $250,000 per year to work his or his ass off in training/educating/creating progress through mass classes like Crossfit, creating policy on by laws of poor food choices and selling of processed foods (why 250K?...well they deserve it for what it does to the system, it creates a LONG TERM strainless position for those in charge of finding moneys for the current DEFAULT plan, they would have classes, set up 3-4 CF facilities which house thousand per place, hold everyone acountable for attendance)....imagine the load it would take off the docs for visits based on lacking blood sugar control (seen as depression in most cases, hint, it's the cookies at 2 pm, not your life), flus and colds (strength training creates less sick days, emperical and researched data shows that), ...and let them take care of the EMERGENCY situations outside of the trainers control...craziness you say...well if you do..you're just as blind as those looking to add to the DEFAULT system...more doctors and nurses WILL NOT help the problem....making people to pay taxes (higher taxes) for NOT taking care of themselves (smokers, those who drink, those who do not ATTEND CF classes and sessions) will...as well as paying trainers (and i mean real trainers, not babysitters)/innovators what they are worth....interestingly enough, you know one question that is NEVER asked of a client when i meet with them over and over (and i see thousands per year) that is part of our system..."who is your family doctor"...interesting that it is NEVER mentioned

i hear a lot of talk about what there is NOT there, and not about what they COULD have....they have power in an unbelievable community, with an atmosphere that would welcome a new perspective...all it takes is belief that preventative means is the way to go, and the only way to uphold a growing society


Sifton said...

James, I totally agree. I have found after many years of being involved with you and your philosophies that I am healthier by an exponential amount. I do not have to visit the Dr. (Other than a aviation Medical which is forced on me) I know that the money I spend on myself (OPT sessions CFC etc) is well worth every penny, Some day it will become more mainstream, just not fast enough.

Sifton said...

Interesting article attached that promotes more inclusion of kids instead of the exclusion that can occur in youth sports etc. Great read and makes me hopeful that Fitness becomes the next "Sport" easy way to bring a community together.


I wish I had a community like this when I was a kid and my parents knew about it. Way to go CFKids!

Coach Everett said...

I like the idea of paying the strength coach more than the doctor!
James your ideas make too much sense. Also you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink... I'd hate to train people that are there just so they don't have to pay a tax. Also few would be willing to stick to a sound nutritional plan. There are a % of people that would truely take advantage of the program... the question is is that % and the long term health they gain enough to offset the cost of the program?

OPT said...

coach everett, i like the horse analogy, except that the closest thing you'll get to a horse in Labrador is a moose...you know them?
i'd train folks in prison camps if i knew it would "one day" turn a light on in their head.
i am under the belief that there is good in everyone to reproduce and live well on this planet...hence sometimes being a dictator as happened with the Germans can make massive changes as a poor but very true example...you force it and things will occur, in this case, "forcing" people to take notice of CF and fitness for fun may transfer them over time..and i have no problem in training folks for that for the "greater good"
paying a coach $250,000 compared to 6.5 million the province is facing each year in the future is a simple mathematics pay off as far as i'm concerned

CrossFit HR said...

One of our clients has M.S. Her husband is a doctor. He attended a nutrition class I held in which i discussed metabolic derangement, insulin, hyperinsulinemia...the standard list. Afterwards, he said, "Getting people to eat right would be a lot more effective than drugs, but it's just too hard."
And that, right there, is what keeps the pharmaceutical and modern health care machines churning! It's also what justifies your entire post!