one of my favorite post workout meals..one i was able to share with one of my colleagues Dutch Lowy after our workout today...yams in apple sauce and Spolumbo's turkey cranberry sausages..
OPT WOD - "Rhiannon" - as many double unders in 10 min:
Dutch - 587
James - 531
600 is the goal...next time


Baltoe said...


My WOD was 21,18,15,12,9,6,3SDLHP w/65 #'s & Push Press

Forgot to jump the push press for the first 21 reps, but still did better than last time by 20 secs. (12.10 v 12.40.


My arms hurt so much I didn't even realize how sore my legs were! Super weekend event - have some benchmarks to get to. COuldn't tackle the DU's today.

gaucoin said...

Dude you got served on your own WOD on your own blog!

OPT said...

gaucoin, what was your last Rhiannon score?