Murray, another OPT soldier...

before - 53 years old, an OK golfer, biker, hockey player, softball player, 18.5% BF, OK fitness

2 years later - great golfer, hiker, hockey player, softball player, 13.5% BF, 4 lbs lean mass higher, 55 years of age

just another example if the right attitude is mixed with balance!

OPT WOD today;

AMRAP BodyWeight Overhead Squat - 170 lbs - reps: 14,12,11 (oh so close to 15 again, did 15 months ago at 165 lbs, will do it soon, love the OHS, such a core exercise!...a true one!)


for time;

50 back ext's/20 GHD sit ups/40 back ext's/20 GHD sit ups/30 back ext's/20 GHD sit ups/20 back ext's/20 GHD sit ups/10 back ext's/20 GHD sit ups - time - 7:14

(hips were smashed after that; all i'll be able to do is stand upright tomorrow)

want a real core workout, there it is...

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Trevor said...

that would explain the awkward walking fashion I spotted on you as you took Red and Hannah up the driveway.