5 rounds: 100 ft walking lunges/15 HSPU - time: 6:58

did this one when i started in 2005, took me 26:27...yikes


30 sets of 5 chest to bar pull ups, 20 sec rest b/t reps, none broken

post high octane workout fuel options:

choices depend on a number of factors

> body fat distribution (as where you store your fat determines how well you will use sugars; for example males below 10% use sugars way better than males over 10-12%, therefore the meals/fuels have to vary to that)

> how hard the workout was - there are many equations for this but if it smashes you, you need more than if it does not...bottom line, we have specific ones at OPT; but the quality and options are more impt first than the nutrient ratios

> food sensitivity - a high level method to determine how well you use foods (http://www.rmalab.com/index.php?id=18 ) works really well as you'll discover that sometimes foods you think you're using is slowing you down...

> pancreas age (human age) - that is age of the person determines it as well, younger humans we work with use sugars really well post exercise without too much of a sugar funk after the meal

> there's more - most times you want protein and carb only (most times, there are exceptions)...LOTS of research to show that certain prot/carb combos are best, i've seen otherwise...for example, research will say that liquid is better (i will argue against that as my results over time will change that)...and sometimes folks cannot handle the kinds of sugar imposed in liquids...some starter examples are apple sauce and whey protein, lean poultry and yams, lean protein and fruit, liquid meal combos like recoverite that we use here b/c of the higher glutamine base in it...yada, yada....play with it, it takes tinkering!

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Trevor said...

I quite like the protein powder and apple sauce but have used in 2-3 hours pre workout as recommended in Paleo diet. I'm interested in trying it out next time as a post metcon workout. The sweet potatoes were excellent too but mine had coconut oil in it so will try a fatless version sometime too. I have yet to find the right combo though that hasn't left me yawning and 20-30 minutes later.