2012 olympian swim hopeful Curtis Lutsch began his off season journey last week at OPT...his dedication and willingness to learn about "cross-training" and what it means to his sport will be a major player in his progress...we will keep updating his progress throughout the year...i'll throw some stats your way when i dig them up about his times in the H20...
Curtis' WOD today:
power clean - 7 sets of 3
amrap BFK chin ups x 3 sets
(speed, power, co-ordination, accuracy, agility...all mixed into one)
hang power snatch from knee cap - 95,115,120,125,130,133,138,138 x 3
(last 2 sets of 138 were not the best, 133 was smooth and easy)
3,4,5,4,3,4,5,4,3 reps, 15 breaths b/t reps - 95# hang power snatch - met con style
2 x 400m on OPT track @ 95% (doorstep take off) - 1:13, 2 min rest, 1:13
4 sets of 30 sec on/30 sec off high knee rope jump

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