first of all, wanted to congratulate Mark Davids, our OPT athlete of the summer...everyone has an athlete in them, Mark's sport is life...over the summer he has learned to live well, live a bigger life and take fitness/health seriously...we decided to honour him and his successes @ OPT for his dedication, willingness to show up and give it each time...and within this period of time we discovered a true athlete that was dying to get out...here's a clip of him below dead lifting 329 lbs easily for his last max effort of the summer...some other accolades include from June to August beginning to end:
1K row - 4:17......two 1K row's in one workout - 4:07 and 4:05!
walking fast (difficult)......5K run in 51 min (first time ever)
DL - 251 lbs 1RM......DL 329 lbs 1RM
200 m run/walk - 1:14......200 m run (in a workout we might add) - 57 seconds
no confidence in fitness......a warrior and a TRUE OPT client

congrats Mark!

thruster - 5 sets of 5 @ 80%: 98,108,118,128,138
5 rds 4 time;
21 KB swings - 1.5 pd
21 GHD sit ups
21 double unders

wanted less than 2 min per round, got it, felt good

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