WOD - "Chloe"
for time;
30 DU's
10 Dead Lift - 290#
30 DU's
8 Dead Lift - 290#
30 DU's
6 Dead Lift - 290#
30 DU's
4 Dead Lift - 290#
30 DU's
2 Dead Lift - 290#

most wod's are named after females based on storms that are painful to get in and get out of...Chloe is in honour of our newest development to the Fitz clan...maybe she'll have a sweet grip as mine was basically shot after the 8 Dead Lifts...i expected to go through most of them easily...this quickly turned into fractioning in the 3rd double under i guess it was a tough storm as i did not expect that (note to self, heavy dead lifts and double unders go together as well as back extensions and kipping chin ups)... (will add video when i get home)

looking back (if anyone wants to add a story of this nature go ahead and log in under comments), the most painful storm/female CF workout i have even been through in my memory was Linda when i did her for the first time at OPT (it is 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 rep rds for time of 1.5x BWT DL, 1 x BWT bench press, 0.75 x BWT clean); funny thing is that i did power cleans instead of squat cleans....i was good at DL's so i flew through them, and when i got to rep 8 our of 10 on the bench press and started to fail, i knew i was in trouble, then trying to clean WITH HORRIBLE form 3 years ago made my back light up....i can remember completing it in 30 minutes i think (PB to date is 13:01 with squat cleans and BWT-163) and laying on the carpet from 5 am when i had finished it till 5:45 am (i kid you not) looking at the ceiling fan spinning around and around, i think it was the only thing keeping me from reaching for "the light", i was grey, and had my vision "closing in" on me for hours after, i think i must have eaten 5000 kcal that day....
anyhow, as Geoff would say - "good times!"
what's your favourite story of your own female storm (that you can remember that is)?


Peter.E said...

Funny you should mention Linda. While waiting for the wod to post on the main site, my girlfriend & I were discussing Linda and oh how the pains are sooo vivid, Especially that round of 8s! Besides a deathly Linda or Frellan combo I quickly thought of Eva... The way the 2 pood KB sucks the life out of you, the feeling of a cramped, yet limp upper body on the 4th or 5th 800m run. Add to that the CTB pullup and now we'll have cramped, limp, bloody stumps while running!
Great blog OPT btw, and I am still waiting for more on the hiearchy of food!!

OPT said...

peter...ohhh brought back Eva to life, i told you one can forget these things due to lactate....and to make matters worse, i did the runs as a rows instead...yick!

Chris Dunkin said...

Eva tops the list of female storms for me as well. Our local high school at that time had a pull up bar at the track, so the set up was perfect; felt like the wod was made for me. plus eva was one of the reasons i tried cf in the first place. i was a ski racer and had been competing when she was making noise way back then. broke all sorts of mental barriers that day. by the 4th round i was broken to a degree i had never experienced before. my only thought was one foot in front of the other and don't walk. great memory.