tried out a new toy today...POSE running (see or for more info)...calves still fired up from weekend so could not tell how powerful it MIGHT be...did feel more efficient on 400's on OPT 400 track, would like to test it on outdoor track soon, goal is to build to 4:59 1 mile run HERE at OPT before winter, might be head to head with my bro...last miler here was 5:25 @ 95%, so can be done with more power and more efficiency in running, will take a few weeks to get it's WOD;

400m @ 90% x 3, 3 min b/t sets, 1:16,1:14,1:14 (tired on last one, 3 was enough for CNS)

7 min rest

7 rounds for time; 10 push press-75#/10 chest to bar chin ups on fat bar-5:30

was going to do 10 rounds but hand ripped on last set of 10 chin ups so stopped there, felt good, video attached

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