power eh?

if i have learned anything over the past number of years its that strength is nothing if not used properly...it think a wise man once used the terms - "production of force" - well a great way to do that is by learning to move a weight with speed/co-ordination/correct timing/agility and all else through weightlifting - clean and jerk and snatch - LEARN IT!!!, snatch x 5 x 3 and you've got a WOD;

snatch - 5 sets x 3; 180 sec b/t sets

133x3/143x3/153x3/163(f)/153x3/163(2) - goal is 100 kilos within the next few months for 1, a start with triples, not stellar as i felt my weight on my toes on 2nd pull, gotta committ, will take practice...


20 sec on/20 sec off alternating for 4 sets on video (well most of it);

OHS - 95 lbs/Chest to Bar Chin Ups

OHS - 12/11/11/10---Chin Ups - 17/16/12/11

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