the goal - one word - power!

1st stage, getting started..one of the best ways to anaerobic capacity is row intervals..its like you cannot escape it - the pain that is; resting for 3 min the 1st round seems like an eternity, by the 3rd round it feels like 30 sec, goal was 5 rounds but i pushed it on rd 1 as it felt easy - bad idea, good thing is that i know i can pull a 1:26-1:27 right now fresh, will test soon

next few weeks will be M-F on CF methodology (M,GW,MGW,MG,W/G,WM,GWM,GW,M/W,MG,WMG,WM,G) with weekends off - goal is power output increases

today's WOD - M focus - 500m row, 3 min rest x 3 - times-1:30.7/1:37.2/1:42.9 - damper 5, foot pad 3

talk about lactic acid (the BEST fuel out there) that's right - fuel, not mechanism of fatigue -fuel!

now my friend mr. carbohydrate...

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