if you did not have the chance to see the finishing kick of the men's triathlon at the Olympics last night, i'll give you a recap...."GUTS"...there it is; it explains everything as that is what it took our Canadian hopeful Simon Whitfield on the last 600m to the finish...very inspiring....he was in a pack of 4 out in front for the last 5K, then he backed off a little before the last 1K and everyone including his former coach thought he was done...that is until he threw off his hat like a cowboy ready to get dirty and caught up to the other 3, passed them with speed with 600m to go...if you have ever been in races like this (i have and know the pain) are in immense pain for a long while, then to kick at the end is a BIG RISK, he put it all on the line, came up in 2nd as a younger German with a little more spunk caught him and passed him like he was walking on the last 100m, but kudos to Simon, i tip you my hat...that takes balls - big ones, i've been in the same position at the first CF games and tried the same thing and got passed on the last 100 m as well; and you learn from it but it took everything i had to do that, everything...well done Simon..well done!

today's WOD - "Nicole-ish" - AMR in 20 min: 400m run, max chest to bar pull ups
107 total pull ups; 9 rounds + 100m (20/15/12/10/10/10/10/11/9)

first 20 min workout in a long while; add heat, CTB pull ups and POSE running to that and you've got a man with sore calves, a torn hand and visions of carbohydrates running in his head

sidenote: speaking of carbs, watched and laughed at a commercial today for a certain female diet program (hint - rhymes with "many leg"); this movie star was selling this program b/c she had lost 20lbs and can still eat "fun things like ravioli and meat balls and pizza and whatever else she wanted"...i'd love to know when foods became so emotional to folks, and why do most feel the need to eat based on points and not on how it makes you feel - there should be a point system based on foods that give you muscle and help improve performance, that would really shake things up...i got it, a new food program - the "opt in nutrition program"

testimony 1:
"i've gained 5 lbs in 4 weeks, i wake up and feel like working out, my butt is bigger from lunges, my arms are more muscular, i can dead lift more than my husband (actually i CAN dead lift my husband) and i eat all kinds of fatty foods like avocadoe, full fat milk, all kinds of nuts and my wasteline is slimming down every day....and add to that my workouts last only 8 min on average"

...err..wait now, that won't sell


gaucoin said...

That was incredible, the tossing off the hat part was the sweetest but I could just tell he didn't have enough left to kick it in when he did. All the same, an amazing finish.

Trevor said...

Yeah it was incredible to see someone "go for it" his heart was in thw right place. I'm not sure if you saw the German superheavy weight win the gold in weightlifting too but that was also inspiring and a joy to see.
Good to read the posts again.