just b/c wheelbarrows made me think of it...if you find it hard to eat when out or at others places...it's just changing the "rules of the game" that determine your success when out
so many folks say they do not want to "dissapoint" the host when they offer nachos pre bread and pasta dinner with wine...
if you are truly serious about creating discipline around clean food choices there are a few things you have to first recognize..
1st > are you TRULY ready to make the change to bring your own foods or fight the fight, how serious are you REALLY or are you just talking
2nd > if you are serious, you are being played...therefore in order to create change you have to change the rules...stick to your guns for the first little while (you'll have to put up with a little pain of course - just like your workouts) but after a while those around you will start MAKING foods and choices for you...as when i go to others houses, they ensure they make meat and veggies as they know i'll bring my own if its not there....some may think that is irrigant (sp?), we at OPT call it discipline....
host: "you're not having any of my white pasta and sugar and white non nutritionallly valued foods that i worked hours to make"
you: "no thanks, i find that when i eat that kind of food, i cannot perform my best as a parent, friend and when i work out; i get lazy, make poor decisions, and feel deflated and ghostly"
host: "oh"
you: "but i'll take some of that broccoli and meat you made there"

it's that easy...it goes back to the change we have to create in society in relation to expectations of food choices and gatherings...do not succumb, make your officer pals order veggies and jerky and cheese and nuts instead of pastries and cookies...make your friends grill veggies and meat instead of pizzas, make your kids fruit and yogurt smoothies instead of cakes...make the change - cause you can't sell low level foods here!

WOD - we're calling this one "HOT" as it was performed in the sun in 30deg Celcius
OHS - 5x5 at 80% - 133,143,153,163,168
Sn bal - 3x3 @ 70% - 89,111,111
hang squat clean/split jerk - 50%
..then new grip thruster practice - 95# x 5 x 5 - felt better, more powerful

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