a big congrats to Graeme Donald, Irene Foster and Dave Tainsh (in pic) for representing OPT at Iron Man Canada...all three performed well..Graeme had a calm swim, a strong bike (that included a few flats which slowed his time tremendously, our goal was 5hrs 10minutes or thereabout...the flats slowed him - finished with 5:39) and a sweet marathon at the end of this of 3:35; he was well on his way for a sub 10 hour (what i thought he would do) but finished at 10:28 due to the wheels...all together a great effort!
Irene's 1st experience at the big one was well put together, she struggled all year with confidence and "trusting" the program and finished at 12 hrs 38 minutes, well within the goals we had shot for...nice.
and to the winner goes the spoils; see pic here of a VERY happy man; someone who was a soldier for OPT, who had done everything that was asked, and dedicated one last year for the big show and he did it, with a 1 hr 7 min swim, a 5 hr 19 min bike and a 4 hr marathon; it got him a qualification for the world IronMan championships in Kona, Hawaii in Oct...well done Dave!

Everyone at OPT understands what true fitness is...training ironmen and ironwomen does not change the perspective we have on true fitness...believe me, they know it as well, triathletes are not truly fit...mark that down, tell your friends, challenge me as you wish...they are specialists of three sports of a cardio respirtatory nature - specialists...meaning lacking in agility, power, strength, stamina, co-ordination and a few other areas...and what i mean by these traits are TRUE definitions of them...i do not consider biking up a hill at high watts powerful, i consider it a skill...true power across many domains is what i am talking about..

these 3 folks have experienced increases in fitness while still specializing...i do not claim to have a hold on it yet...but i can say that in years to come we will have triathletes winning, 10K'ers winning...and other endurance athletes winning at their sport and they will not train 25% of the time they thought they might have to and STILL win...you wait, it'll happen, but the infiltration will take time due to the almighty old school methods of long distance useless miles on swimming, biking and running that kills people long term, and promotes a DECREASE in fitness that folks still hold on to...if anyone out there is willing to do it right, stop by OPT, we sell true fitness and endurance results.

todays WOD:
OHS - 95,115,135,155 x 5 - 70% effort, 30 sec rest b/t sets
hang squat clean - 135,145,155,165 x 3 - 70%, 30 sec b/t sets
push jerk - 135,145,155 x 3 - 70%, 30 sec b/t sets
snatch balance - 65,75,85,95,105,115 x 3; 30 sec b/t sets - 60%
SA DB Power snatch - 6/arm x 3/arm - 55,65,75# - 80%, 30 sec b/t arms
db thruster x 5 - 25,35,45# - 30 sec b/t sets - 60%

felt great to throw some weights around, kept it light, found some other fellow crossfitters in the gym doing Nasty Girls - (god that sucks with chin ups and dips) - well done Sean and Ron...keep it up; we are moving forward.

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