BC WOD @ globogym in westbank:

AMR in 20 min:
15 double unders
15 box jumps - 25"
6 L ups
rds - 10.25

had to walk distance for l pull ups, was a nice rest, wanted 10 or more rounds so this sufficed...long day, then travel, great to get a wod in right away.

my muscles are always on fire when i come here, the training is always top notch due to a number of factors:

- altitude
- low cortisol
- no committments, grandparents love Hannah
- wod's in globogym, different setting, different CNS response

the last statement everyone can learn from; seems i have been mentioning it to a number of clients that was passed on to me by one of my mentors, Charles Poliquin; i'll never forget at one of my first meetings with him, we spoke of elite training principles vs. what the "norm" is out there and the difference...and he said "neural drive leads to anabolic drive" first i did not have a clue what he meant, but it meant so much...elite training basically is determined by the ability of the CNS to work at high adaptation levels...coaches can instill this in correct nutrition and training principles but when a human "feels" ready to stir it up (as globogyms do to me, it seems as if i feel like i'm entering a cage full of people that want to step on me - it in other words "fires me up") this leads to a big CNS happened today in this workout; there's something more to it than narcicism that makes me want to do well at these wod's in these gyms...

thanks Charles.


Russ said...

What else from Poliquin do you apply today? It seems that you follow his nutrition and recovery advice much more than his training ideas.

OPT said...

hey russ, i have been fortunate to listen to or work with many in this field for a number of years including Chek, Siff, Poliquin, Staley, Simmons, Tate, Roy...and many others and they all have lots to give...i have taken what works and passed it on (first after trying everything, which most do not, they mainly take info and just use you see happening today with balls, bands, agility programs...etc...these coaches are still going abck and o-lifting and powerlifting on their own and teaching others all this other stuff,,,??)...i use what works, throw out what does not...everyone is different so when i design training programs i use whatever means necessary to ensure success for them for what they want to clients include mons, dads, recreational lifters, body builders, crossfitters, olympic winter sports, track, swimming, gymnasts, golfers, hockey players, horse riders....and you can see that i need an array of tools....but to answer your question about charles, there have not been any i have met or listened to personally face to face that are as good with COMBINING principles of training to principles of nutrition/recovery/alternative medicine/endocrinology...and this is VERY IMPT for a coach to know and training alone elicits great responses, but when mixed with all else, it becomes elite!