it really is amazing how you can use your own body weight vs. speed/time/distance moved to create some powerful workouts....look back here often for options...some will ask how can 50 chin ups and 50 ring dips + as many burpees in a minute + squats with your own body weight can be effective...well..it's a fair question....it all depends on the INTENSITY used within that workout.

so many ask when i prescribe tabata squats if "that's all"..if you're asking that, you're not working at them hard enough with enough speed and efficient form...doing them as bottom to bottom squats for 4 sets after chins/ring dips and burpees can leave you ...well....err..."tired"

WOD: 5 sets of 10 chest to bar chin ups/10 ring dips - 3:35, 5 min rest, as many burpees in 1 minute (chest to deck, jump to 12 inches overhead) - 30 reps, 5 min rest, 4 sets of tabata bottom to bottom squats - 22/20/15/14 - the last one hurt...will try to include all videos...thank whomever it was that created weekends....oh wait now, we have our CF endurance cert here tomorrow @ OPT...no rest...back Monday.....


Russ said...

Hey James.

I watched your clean and jerks from a few feet away at the Games. You performed each rep like a single clean and jerk, whereas many of the other athletes were doing power clean to thruster with a little more wiggle room on the technique.

I don't know if that cost you time or not.

Who knows what next year will bring? Perhaps a greater emphasis on gymnastics exercises?

Your mature and enlightened approach to training inspires me and those I train with every day.

Something that you mention frequently is the breaking of mental barriers when training. I have been paying a lot more attention to this recently. Two days ago I did max rounds in 20 minutes of 10 thrusters with 35 lb. dbs/ 10 pullups. My goal was 15.

I got 9 by the time 10 minutes was up, but my goal was only 15, so I let myself slow down and only ended up with 15 rounds plus 4 thrusters. Had I gone in with a higher goal in mind, there is no doubt that I could have gotten 16 rounds or more.

I have concluded that workouts are more about breaking mental barriers than physical ones. I am thus paying more attention to my thoughts about what I can accomplish, what limits I have, and what my goal times are.

OPT said...

hey russ, the C and J reps might have been faster that way, but for me, racking it, then jerking it is more efficent, just did not work out this time around
your example of thrusters and pull ups are a true mental test ALONE, the fast that you achieved 15 is great
you should look at the fact that you achieved what you had set out to do (another of those mental barriers) as opposed to spend mental energy on what you DID NOT achieve - being more rounds than 15...but as you will see, and CF holds us true to this, you will achieve what you believe...until next time