clean - 5 sets of 1, build quickly to tough 1RM - 210,220,230,240,250

haver to be a little more patient on 2nd pull, pulled little early and had to jump forward to catch it...when you do it right as i did at 240 (vid is 250) it was if it was in slow mo like i was slowly pulling myself under the bar and watching it go by...weird


for time: 10HSPU/2 CTB chin ups/9HSPU/4 CTB chin ups/8HSPU/6 CTB chin ups/7HSPU/8 CTB chin ups/6 HSPU/10 CTB chin ups/5HSPU/12 CTB chin ups/4HSPU/14 CTB chin ups/3HSPU/16 CTB chin ups/2HSPU/18 CTB chin ups/1HSPU/20 CTB chin ups - time:10:15

i did this G workout in Aug 2005, took me 31 minutes...nice

max clean felt nice today, can do 265 (goal for a long while; will do on ME day coming soon)

a client had posted a ? re: a now famous swimming olympian and here is what he "apparently" has to chew on for fuel, you never know, he may say this for competitive purposes and as a joke on the media but i thought it was interesting...

Breakfast: Three fried-egg sandwiches loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise. Two cups of coffee. One five-egg omelet. One bowl of grits. Three slices of French toast topped with powdered sugar. Three chocolate-chip pancakes.

Lunch: One pound of enriched pasta. Two large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayo on white bread. Energy drinks packing 1,000 calories.

Dinner: One pound of pasta. An entire pizza. More energy drinks.

from this site.

Now, you do not need to be a scientist to understand that the fuel provided here is nothing less than absolute crap, and ANYONE, i challenge ANYONE to mention why otherwise....but it gives you a perspective if this really is his fuel about how freakingly talented this machine is "for now"..and i say for now, as most may think the old adage like our moms used to say..."well, he's burning it off"...well...errr...Mom, you were never right; there are certain SERIOUS side effects for long term exposure to these low nutritonal value, highly toxic foods

the BIG problem lies here, i have swimmers showing up to my door now looking to become the next champ and they throw this meal at me..."well this is what the champ eats, why can't I....i burn so much"...side note, most swimmers that i have ever seen are WAY TOO overtrained (we call it spun down) on top of this the last thing they need is more stress to the system, they will do much better as we infiltrate the system on less volume, more correct conditioning and better fuel choices - (don't get me on the chocolate milk thingy, it's coming...)...

so to finish, should one eat like this to become a champ - NO; one needs MAJOR physical talent, size 16 feet and gills; if you or anyone suggests this is the way it has to be, you'll turn out a chump...


Sifton said...

Great comments James, I agree but like to hear your perspective on it as well.

gaucoin13 said...

That's funny, I found that same article on the Paleo website and I was just horrified. I'm just hoping they posted it to show he's an Olympic eater as well.

Tsypkin said...

It should also be noted that, regardless of all the testing in the world, most high level athletes use some kind of exogenous hormonal therapy. Since the primary function of proper nutrition is controlling hormonal response, athletes who are already getting an extremely good hormonal response by using HGH, pure test, anabolics, etc, can get away with eating crap.

Glad someone else is talking about this. It's sad that we are letting young athletes think that this is the way to fuel themselves. Keep up the good work. love the blog.

Jacob "BullFrog" Tsypkin