M=metabolics (cardio respiratory dominant), W=weights (implements added to movements), G=gymnastics (body weight in space)

mixing these appropriately can result in; enormous amounts of variation to training/based on the design a huge change in hormonal response (the secret and magic by the way in program design)/and creativity to creating different exposures to different implements my athletes can beat other athletes excelling "relatively" in their own sport while not even training for that other athletes sport...

i.e. i train others max 5-6 hours TOTAL per week with exposure to all energy systems (short, anaerobic, sustained...and all their friends) and others train one of these energy systems 16-20 hours per week...and we get better results at THEIR game WITHOUT training those specific systems...why?.. its because of exposure to a variation of all systems maintaining parallels with the 10 physical fitness components....the human system is then able to adapt relative to various exposures to bascially different pain honestly

WOD (video) - 50DU's/20 WB's-26#/35DU's/35 WB's-26#/20DU's/50 WB's-26# - 6:02

WB's to 10 ft with 26# ball great training for Karen, plus 50 GHD sit ups and 45 Abmat sit ups for practice after; Geoff did Karen today in 4:41 - a huge accomplishment - well done Geoff.

my PB for Karen was 4:45 and i remember the pain i went through for that; so this officially opens a spot for a rematch with him to be slated sometime in the future for a head to head on video here at OPT blog with our little girl "Karen", again awesome job Geoff! watch his rhythm on video and breathing - the key to a legit "Karen" (150 wall balls for time - 20# to 10ft)

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