project salo

Shelagh Salo
age: 56
sport: endurance running
stats - best marathon - 4:12 Phoenix, static hang - 10 sec, push ups from toes - 1, 500 m row - 2:12 (35 s/m), squat - 25-30 deg above parallel, vertical jump - 9 inches
goals - 4:10 October Victoria Marathon (Boston qualification), 30 sec static hang, 10 push ups, 2:10 row (30s/m), squat - parallel, vertical jump - 10 inches

Shelagh and i decided after years of conversation (more of me saying "running is only one component of fitness - cardio endurance") that we needed to create some measurable fitness goals OUTSIDE of just benchmarks in running to keep her accountable to her LONG TERM fitness as well as her running prowess...she has run Boston and a BUNCH of other races (30 since 1999)...we have always had some good chats about running vs. true fitness and this sill be one of many examples where improving all OTHER aspects of fitness like power, speed, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, strength...etc...and less of ones that you are good at (cardio only) will help the ones you are already good at...and to make things better, you'll live longer! how about that!

by the way, she is only running on Thursdays (400's, 800's and time trials) and pace runs on Sunday, and training OPT style 3x/week (bodyweight, strength training) as well as her own skill training on flexibility on 3 other days...

we will update on her progress as we go as well as provide before and after squat photos and stats AFTER the Victoria Marathon...she'll be a glowing example of what you can do when you INCLUDE ALL aspects of fitness in your training.

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