students @ OPT...whenever you think you've stopped learning, it's all over; remember that!

WOD - 3 pos power clean (high, knee, floor) - 161 x 2 sets, 181 x 2 sets, 195 x 2 sets, much better this time on 2nd pull and staying on heels +
4 x 500m row @ 1:42-1:44/500m, 3 min rest b/t sets (did 1:43.5, 1:43.4, 1:41.4, 1:42) - getting more comforatble with this pace, have to be able to hold 1:40 fresh for 6 min 40 sec to get 2K in that time, thsi will happen
good day, had lots in the tank, will go hard for next few...

post WOD - spent time walking with HAnnah in Edworthy Park, did a little dip in the Bow, played in the park, and i gotta tell ya, i don't get out much...but it is my goal to have MORE of a far reaching affect on enabling this society to get fit, and finding a better way of reaching more.
if it has to happen through some sort of dictatorship, law, forcing it into the open, i will find a way...as what i see happening every time i step out of my little box is not that good (and so I will change my statement) so as to not attach myself to it or attract that to me - the fact that i will accept responsibility to make some changes...one step at a time...OPT clients ARE making an impact...and they ARE telling others, but it is NOT happening fast enough for the rate of what is REALLY happening...just throwing it out there to ensure the universe sees it that i'm coming...look out

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