today's WOD:
1 min POSE @ 95%, 3 min walk x 6 with my dog on the burm
150 m row sprint (5.5, foot 3) in 28.2,27.7,27.5,27.2 sec, 2 min b/t sets

feels SOOO good to run outside again with my buddy Red, calves are less tired now, feels nice...those trying to POSE and learn it now; beware that running efficiency has SO much to do with breathing as well, this must NOT be forgotten...so get the breathing and timing down 1st, THEN and only THEN compare for 400's and 800's in efficiency....not 1st...you'll feel deflated if you test a new car without learning how to drive it.....

articles/chat to come this week before i head to BC:
- OPT IM athletes Graeme Donald, Dave Tainsh and Irene Foster complete their journeys with "success"
- Mark Davids - OPT athlete of the summer
- chocolate milk as recovery? there are MUCH better options
- project Lutsch - 2012 swim olympian hopeful starts the journey at OPT
- why high profile athletes can eat like shit and perform...for now
- emotional attachment - new learnings from work by Dan Seigel

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Trevor said...

I'm excited for all those upcoming topics. You'll be busy. Mark D is certainly a great guy who brings a great attitude in with him.