messed up the order a little last week, mind was elsewhere, was supposed to finish week with W but did MW day before so G today;

WOD - strict chin up/L-up/BFK chin up/chest to bar chin up practice + 1 legless rope climb, 1 min rest x 10 + as many rds in 5 min of 5 GHD raises/10 GHD sit ups/15 push ups - 5.3 rds (on video) + clap push up practice (3 sets of 10 tight ones)

felt good after sweet POSE method cert here at OPT this weekend, did Mon-Fri last week WOD's, then a cert WOD on sat - 4 rds of 400m run/50 squats - time was 10:12, then running on toes and learning all weekend; add that to our ultrasound this am (we're having another girl - YIPPEEEE, sister for Hannah - name Chloe) and so my mind was mush so did more tech work this noon and probably tomorrow until ready to hit it hard again later this week

seeing another human developing makes me realize how special we all are to have the ability to play/run/breathe...enjoy the good things...makes you wonder why we EVER get "caught up" in attachment to anything (our own emotions, confrontations, pace of life, keeping up with the Joneses...)...will chat more about that one another time....

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