automatic mind

reflecion is important; it is the opportunity to take a breath, evaluate, and become creative. we commonly get caught up in automatic mind, forget what we have and what we have accomplished.
a client of mine reflected with me today on her successes with a climb in the Grand Canyon, and how her dedication and persevearance to fitness had paid off - what she called functional strength i call discipline. it gave me an opportunity to relfect on how important it is to reflect after all of our successes and failures - get into "director's mind" and allow things to play out as YOU want, not others. if caught in this automatic mind, it is better from my experience to step out of the vector, look back inside and re-evaluate as opposed to "fighting" your way up. step out, re-evaluate, start over, try again, create success, learn from your mistakes.
take time to reflect, what do you see?

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Trevor said...

Nice one. I just spent a few moments reflecting and quietly listening to the sounds of spring...birds chirping and wind rustling. Next step...deeper reflections