it's snowing, it's snowing

i'd rather rain but i'll take it, more time to row.

since its intro to us through Crossfit a few years ago the rower has been one of the mainstays in OPT programming recently.

we tried it, tested it, hated it, loved it, now recommend and sell it, that's the way it works.

most clients marveled at first, now hate the fact that programming it into the globo gyms is now a competition b/t them and someone wearing jeans, pulling on the oar with one handle and reading a newspaper with the other...

xample programming ideas with rowing based on desired outcomes;

anaerobic power - 500m row time trial; requires a big nervous system warm up, different foot pad position, higher stroke rate and an all out effort; usually resulting in a VERY high accumulation of lactate - warning for first timers, great for individual bench mark testing

anaerobic capacity - 500m x 4, 3 min b/t sets; more things to consider with this test - what else are you doing for rest of day is you'll feel a little "off" if done correctly; this is a perfect test for lifestyle adherence as those that do not maintain adequate feeding/fuelling will perish on this WOD

anaerobic capacity/gymnastics - 300 m row sprint, 30 push ups, 3 min rest x 3-6 sets; challenges what i always thought of a perfect combo with rowing - midline work and sprints

aerobic power - combine the above with 5 rounds for time - i.e. 300m row sprint, 30 push ups x 5; great test. we use this style as well as other combos with other movements depending on what is required

coming from a conditioning, non specific row background, a persons mid line strength in pulling - dead lift and clean, their nutrition and their ability to put up with pain makes them a fine rower...argue limb length, stroke rate, height, weight...give me someone who can clean powerfully, deadlift quickly and eats well to support their training and i'll give you a good rower.

we test folks on it all the time, at first assessment, in their program designs and scores vary across the board...and when one puts all those above together, they have best times comparable to C2 international levels for age groups and's the way it is.

one of the best home gym investments you can make and an excellent complement for all globo gyms to get people off the less effective cardiovasclar equipment (treads, bikes, ellipticals).

i thought bike sprints sucked until i rowed

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