Higher Orders of Food

just as in exercise, there are intensities in fuel progression as well.
when wanting to make change in this area, start with one meal like breakfast and make the change over time, call it a hierarchy or order of development into better fuel.
let's take an example of oats with nut butter and eggs on side - combining carbs, fat and protein for blood sugar balance to start your day - and how you can transform this from low to high levels of function. (1=low, 6=high)

1. quaker oats, kraft peanut butter, egg whites from carton scrambled
2. rolled oats, no sugar kraft peanut butter, full eggs scrambled from carton
3. organic packaged rolled oats, natural peanut butter (no sugar/no salt), scrambled eggs
4. nature's path organic rolled oats, maranatha organic peanut butter, boiled eggs - free range
5. organic rolled oats, maranatha almond butter organic, organic boiled eggs
6. steel cut oats (pre soaked), crushed raw almonds, boiled/poached eggs - free range organic

the progression is in quality of fibre and nutritional value as well as live enzymes in oats, progression from low quality/low nutritional value eggs to full eggs with yolk in place (not broken - some new research showing its the smashing of the yolk causing some disturbances in cholesterol - another topic), and progressing the nut butter to a REAL nut butter (not legume butter) with better fat ratios and higher enzymes.
you have to pick your battles for where you want to start; take any meal and its the same thing, but start here at breakfast and we'll move on

we will do this always with exercise but tend to want to make huge changes NOW for food; pick your battles, start small and build

ask questions as needed..we'll answer for everyone on options and choices

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Trevor said...

Very good format to write it out like that. I look forward to the other bit on the breaking of the egg yolk. I use organic eggs all the time and have them raw on occasion but most often scramble them with sausage. I look forward to more of these.