OPT OD of Physical Fitness

how do you determine what physical fitness is?
well there are operational definitions..i will not bore you...and there are different versions of physical fitness depending on who you ask.
how about we ask someone who has trained bodybuilders, powerlifters, fitness models, professional athletes, kids, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, executives, etc...about what it means to be truly fit?
OK, that's me - i'll answer.
fitness is "being able to do whatever you physically wish to do at a higher level of function better than the norm without even training for it"
being fit invloves MANY aspects..so you can lift 400 lbs but you can't lift your daughter out of the tub or lift the golf ball out of the hole (not fit), so you can run 20 miles but you can't do a push up or a chin up (not fit)..these make you think.
many of my clients typically have a perspective on what is a "fit" individual and they commonly return after the 1st ski weekend, golf trip, hockey game, ultimate match in awe about how they performed the tasks and recovered so easily - THAT is fitness, not what they thought fit was - clients - "well you see, there is this guy at the office who's REALLY fit"; James - "oh yeah, so why is he really fit" - client - "well, he runs marathons and bikes to work every day"
just being honest, most do see endurance athletes (as well as professional or amateur athletes which 1% of us will be - another article) as the most FIT individuals and it is too bad...why should we care?...well, this is creating a role modelling for youth and everyone who wants to be fit that they have to run to become fit - it is one component of fitness - ONE!!: there are others
when you need guidance on where to go for fitness, take the motto that we do at OPT - we want all of our clients outperforming others in all endeavours (hike, volleyball, run race..) without even training for it; living longer, thinking clearer - just outperforming - there's your goal.
why - because you HAVE TO
i learn every day from others, have seen a lot of things, not much REALLY impresses me anymore in regards to fitness and fitness feats...what does impress me though is when someone who thinks they are fit comes in, we make them discover they really are not, then they do change over time their thinking about what is REALLY fit, and then they become fit - now that is impressive to me and keeps me doing what i do - to shape those minds and bodies into truly FIT individuals
what's your definition of physical fitness?


Ian said...

As one who thought it would be a good idea to 'get in shape' before I went to see James, I can tell you that my first assessment was a revelation as to what I could not do. If you have the balls, go get assessed, and I suspect that you might become motivated to do something about your deficient fitness. More when I get back from the gym.

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