happiness shared

my perceptions as coach/person with my wife as we progressed;
- at YMCA together - she'll do her thing, i'll do mine, girls and guys can't workout together
- living together - maybe we'll go to the gym on weekends together, she'll do her thing, i'll do mine, girls and guys can't workout together
- working together - i'll help her progress as she wants to with guidance, the boys will do their thing, she'll tag along for the ride
- post natal - i'll help her get back into shape and be patient with her decisions/progress
- 18 months post natal - she's my workout partner
this is less about bragging about my wife and her achievements (max DL - 270 lbs, 5K Run - 24 min, max chin ups - 16, max squat - 165, 16 rounds of "Cindy", Fran - 5:55..i could go on) but more about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive energetic people to get you to higher levels
change the rules of the game, find those that you'll learn from, are attracted to, and are passionate about the same things as you are, share those goals and move forward...spend most of your waking time making that happen...and less in an environment that does not welcome that
Leighanne and i are an example of how her and i have dropped egos (me mainly) and enjoy the battle of consistency and discipline TOGETHER in regards to achieving lifestyle, nutrition and fitness gains no one could have ever imagined, she's been there during my peaks and valleys in training and has NEVER done anything but supported it...it's about giving and receiving and giving some more, it's about being open to change, it's about not conforming to norms around gender and exercise...
as you've seen, i've changed, it's been done and can be done (i'll speak specifically to males here - find someone who enjoys this as much as you do, help them, harness it, allow them to blossom) ...speak about the sore muscles, remove calluses together (Crossfit thing), set aside time for both of you to train, modify workouts to compete against one another; it's more fun when shared!

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Anonymous said...

Happiness, positivity, and reflection all came through on your posts (duh, happiness was in the title -- it better have come through!) Just want to speak to the strength of appreciation, as I feel it ties in well. I have been asked many times how I am able to do the type of work that I do (work with people whose life has taken a sudden tragic turn or are terminally ill) and not get down. Simple -- appreciation for what I have as many of these people no longer have, or they learn to appreciate what others take for granted. Unfortunately too many people wait until it is gone before they start this process. So be one of those who does it all now (legally, that is)with a smile on your face!