get comfortable with uncomfortable

how does one do this? do you jump into the cold water head first; do you survey and wait; do you wait for others to try; however you approach it you have to ask first what your goals are.
if they are continual improvement in funciton and/or performance - that is for day to day things like work and relationships or tough OPT workouts all the same, you have to get uncomfortable somehow. the practice of this makes perfect; the experiences of being uncomfotable lead to enilghtenment, sometime through embarassment (mostly self assusred) and sometimes through "aha "moments where the learning curve becomes steepened due to your effort in testing the waters...
i have great conversations with people on this topic, some lasting more than the 30 or 60 min we can handle in our consults - "how do i push it past that point" - it takes practice! take some times in your life where you have been uncomfortable, how are you or did you deal with this to create success? take this situtation and carry it over..
i liken it to a know it's coming, you can see it...wait for it, jump in, put up with the pain, swirling, animosity (sp?) and the like and walk out the other side...then look back and "reflect" - aha! nice carryover
it is interesting that i see people improve their confidence, libido, vitality, they get more experience with putting up with uncomfortable...i have all the evidence within my office confines - "in the walls" - i see them not put up with people trying to kibosh (sp) them, picking up for themselves, changing the rules of the game for themselves - VERY POWERFUL stuff, all because they have gotten uncomfortable in their workouts and took the storm on.
all good stuff man, all good

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