april 29th WOD

May 2nd/3rd competitors:
3 sets for total reps;
20 sec double unders for reps
40 sec rest
20 sec sit ups for reps
40 sec rest
20 sec KBS - 1.5 pd for reps
40 sec rest

Apr 30th/May 1st - remain active, practice some skills as needed, sleep well.

May 16th/17th competitors:
3 sets:
12 KBS - 2pd
Sprint Run 200 m
rest 2 min
3 min rest after all 3 sets
3 sets:
12 thrusters - 95#
Row Sprint 150 m
rest 2 min
3 min rest after all 3 sets
3 rounds for time;
15 chin ups
15 jump squats

Apr 30th/May 1st - remain active, perform only weight lifting skill work; leave some for the weekend...this is a good test 2 weekends out...use your brain based on how you feel...ensure you are mentally prepared for the competition state, not the scoring...don't dip too far into the tank

other Big Dawgs:
for time;
35 man makers - 35#/h

(a man maker is an exercise session in which you never let go of the db's; the movements performed are a push up burpee; at the top of the push up you hold a plank and perform a 1 arm row with elbow high per arm; then kick legs in and from the set up position squat clean the db's then into a thruster overhead; return db's to floor and repeat; chest must get deep on every rep)

Apr 30th/May 1st - same as May 16th/17th competitors...remain active, use this weekend as a test for a part of your year

post your WOD and your times, weights, comments and fuelling to comments


OPT said...

Rory, as for post wod fuel, if you have low body fat around your belly, DO NOT count the blocks in post wod fuel...the leaner you are, the easier your body can use those macronutrients...and i usually teach folks to have their proportions per day as needed...play with the carb amount and timing for insulin management and forget about the post wod...
as for milk, the thing is that the quality of the milk is the main issue here outside of the fact that higher milk usage has in my data promoted inflammation, sleep interruption and lowered cardiorespiratory output due to mucus build up (not withstanding if your milk has fat that this has been proven for about 20 years to lower the uptake of protein and carbs post exercise)...this might not effect you now and i DO NOT suggest you change a thing until "off season"...but at that time play with a good quality goats milk post exercise first to get the qulaity back in the macronutrients...then go to lean meats and moderate GI based food carbs for 3-4 weeks to get your gut used to operating without the milk protein - at this time, also drop all the other dairies...you will see a drop in weight at first and lowered strength due to body mass changes but over time have a better running engine...
side note, if you can get warm cows milk straight from a clean cow, involve it day to day as a balanced PFC block snack or meal...but unless it is clean, the "little" things they say "might" be in the milk will DEFINTELY come back to haunt you later on...

PTS said...

I'm assuming other big dawgs is for those not competing in quals.

My comp is May 23rd/24th. Should I be doing the Big Dawgs WOD or the May 16th/17th WOD? Just want to make sure as I don't want do the wrong WOD at this stage. Thanks

Michael FitzGerald said...

Gotta love the exercise selection... Man Makers...hahahaha

Geoff Aucoin said...

I agree, Mike, that is the most aptly named exercise of all times.

So James, I shouldn't be counting my post-WOD shakes, regardless of carb block counts, in my total blocks for the day? I've been doing the Robb Wolf thing mostly where I'm taking C-blocks from other meals so I can have a load of C's post-WOD.

OPT said...

PTS, do the 16th/17th wods.then compete hard with us on the weekend
Geoff, counting those blocks may explain the change in lean mass.....over the years i've calculated that i've come down in my post wod carb recommendations from normally 80-100 carbs post wod for lean guys to splitting it up in smaller post wod and larger meals only counting the "blocks" in the meal after post wod shake/meal...this has worked better overall for performance and recovery

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yeah, the second you mentioned that made me think that could be why I'm down a few pounds. Like I needed another reason to eat more, woo-hoo!

Garage Crossfitter said...

PTS-Where are you from? I am also competing May23/24.

deejay said...


Mack said...

40 / 40 / 38
16 / 17 / 16
13 / 13 / 13

Ryan G. said...

I have been dealing with the nastiest cold for the last 4 days. Today I can finally breath through my nose again. I'll see about possibly hitting this up tomorow.

Rory Hanlin said...


I appreciate the time spent on the response. I will definitely try the slow weaning off of milk during the off season. Luckily I'm from Wisconsin, so I think I'll actually be able to get some "clean" milk.

Katrina Burton said...

Double Unders 40/43/44
Situps 20/20/20
KB Swings (16kg) 11/12/12
Total = 222

Excited to see/meet everyone this weekend! Should be a good time.

Hixy said...

35 man makers
time: 10:39
Reduced weight from 35# to 27#. Couldn't get 35# racked properly at the squat clean.
Took a while before I got the proper rowing technique.

Good workout.

Good luck to everyone at the qualifiers this weekend, I'll be cheering from Denmark!

Hixy said...

Forgot to add fuelling:
35g prot/15g carbs post wod
PFC meal 60 min later

tania said...

35 manmakers for time: 11:36 with 20# DBs. Back after several days off so it was a mess, but not as hard as I expected.

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend; I'm rooting for you. Wish I could be there...

Brent Maier said...

You'l probably hear it from me again but good luck to everyone competing this weekend. Balls out everyone!

Rory, I grew up drinking a lot of milk and we typically go through a gallon of milk a week around here. Sometime in Feb/Mar, I started cutting all dairy out of my diet. I can attest to one side effect I no longer have. No more of that thick, stringy, mucous saliva during and after a brutal workout.

RyanG, sounds like we came down with the same thing on the same day. I thought I would be at 100% today but the chest is playing some hard catch up here and could make todays workout a challenge. If this were to hit someone days before the qualifiers, the competition would be over before it got started.

PTS said...

Garage: I'm from Binghamton,NY.

may 16/17 WOD

subs due to lack of equipment

15 reps 55lb KBS - 200m run
60s, 59s, 64s don't see how I could have gone quicker here

95lb thruster and 15 reps 55lb KB SDLHP
52s, 52s, 57s
thrusters felt good

3rds 15 chins, 15 squat jumps
3:27 much slower than expected. my grip was completely shot from the first two portions of WOD

post WOD fuel will be 40g protein, 25g carb and PFC meal 60mins later

just got a rower and some bumpers, so I'll be subbing less and dropping weights all over the place. super pumped.

Good luck to those in the quals this weekend.

Geoff Aucoin said...


Got the mojo back today, felt good!

Chad Action Brandt said...

DU's = 40-39-40
SU's = 18-19-19
KBS = 12-13-15
Total = 215

rwcorson said...

Dbl unders-41/24/34
Sit ups unachored-19/20/19
missed 3x on second rd & 1x on 3rd rd of Dbl Unders.

Steve said...

MM's 9:36

Michael FitzGerald said...

DU - 37/38/39
SU - 21/20/21
KBS - 13/13/13
Total = 215

Sweeney said...

DU - 40/40/40
SU - 21/20/21
KB - 13/13/13


Rob Sifton said...

= 211

Brent Maier said...

WOD#2 (16th/17th)

2PKB/Sprints: 56/1:02/1:03
Thrust/Row: 1:15/1:23/1:24
PU/Jsquats: 2:52

2pkb/sprints notes: I need to solder my C2 rower cable together so had to hit gym. Lugged my 2P KB to 24 hour fitness so I didn't have to sub a dumbell. I manhandled that KB tonight like it was nothing. For the runs, I sprinted as fast as I could 2 times around the baskeball court. I was on fire tonight!

Thrusters/Rows: Transition distance was about 12 seconds with uncoordinated strap efforts. This started to dip into the mental side. Thrusters were painfully unbroken and rows were pulled at 1:34 avg pace.

PU/JS: I felt like a nimble rabbit on the first round then all hell broke loose. Kept the pace up with slight breaks.

This was a tough little set!

unit said...

May 16
59 / 58 / 57
61 / 58 / 53
1:56 (don't think I could do this faster)...

10 min rest

OBD (other big dawgs)
as rx'ed

Def didn't take OBD serious enough by using 5/16 as a warm up... It def kicked my a$$ as one of the hardest wods I've done in a long time... First time in a long time I've had my hr sustained at 190... Coach ur the man!... Preesh...


Gummo said...

kbs + sprints: 1:05/1:06/1:15
Thrusters + row sprints: 1:27/1:24/1:36
CU + JS: 3:04

KBS+sprints: had to sub 1.5 pood, but was strong and was quick into the sprints. Changed direction on the sprint--out 100 m and back. Might've had better time if ran 200M straight.

Thrusters + Row sprints: legs were really hurting and first set of thrusters felt awkward, but got into rhythm and for last two.

PU+JU: "all hell breaking loose" sums this round up. Choking down cousin pukie until the end and had to let him free.