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some of the OPT crew with the master in Edmonton this past weekend - Hooahhh!!!!!

"Tabata This!"

Tabata Row
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Squat
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Pull-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Push-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Sit-up

The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals.
Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals. Unit for the row is "calories."
-row damper is up to each athlete
-ass to grass on squats, NOT ball
-chin CLEARLY above bar on chin ups
-chest to deck on push ups
-unanchored sit ups, no AbMat
Post Tabata score for each exercise to comments and total for final score.
(i.e. 10, 22, 9, 15, 15 = 71 as final score)

post wod fuel - male:
above 12% - 30g prot/30g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/45g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/60g carb

post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20 g prot/20 g carb
12-14% - 20 g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 20 g prot/40g carb

eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone

tomorrow will be a double


bso said...

So my thoughts on prepping for this weekend's regional qualifier:
- practice technique (snatch and hspu, especially)
- visualize
- hydrate
- eat well
- stretch and mobility work

What I don't know is what to do about workouts to stay sharp.These are the events they've announced. Please let me know your thoughts!! (Brent, Geoff, what are you guys planning to do your week before the regionals?)

Saturday Morning

WOD #1

Snatch(power or full) x 5 reps (135#/95#)
Short Sandbag Carry (90#/70#)
Snatch(power or full)x 4 reps
Sandbag Carry
Snatch(power or full) x 3 reps
Sandbag Carry
Snatch(power or full) x 2 reps
Sandbag Carry
Snatch(power or full) x 1 rep

Scaling will be:

Snatch 115#/75#
Sandbag Carry 70#/50#

More scaling will be on an as needed basis.

Saturday Afternoon

WOD #2

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

Deadlifts x 7 reps (275#/185#)
30 Air Squats
7 Handstand Push Ups

Scaling will be:

Deadlift 225#/135#
Handstand Push Ups: 2 abmats under head

More scaling will be on an as needed basis.

Hixy said...

Hopefully this can help you, bso:
This is from (wfs), written by Maximillian Mormont (the guy whom Josh Everett mentioned in the movie 13th of April):
"Two weeks away from the regional games. I recommend you only work out 3 to 4 times a week 2 weeks out and 2 to 3 times a week 1 week out. You should also do 1RM’s or up to 90% the 3rd and 2nd week out. Nothing over 50 reps on gymnastics and nothing over 7 to 9 reps on power and strength movement. The last week you should hardly do anything. Drink lots of water, get 8 hours of sleep, eat well and rest. REMEMBER there is nothing you can do to get ready 2 weeks out. You need to recover!!! Now is not the time to learn things or work on things!!!! Great job everyone and good luck!!!


Numbers for today (first time tabata):
Tabata row (damper 8): 6/6/6/5/5/5/5/6 - 5
Tabata sqaut: 18x8 - 18
Tabata pull-up: 10/8/8/8/8/8/8/5/8 - 5
Tabata push-up: 10/10/10/10/9/9/9/9 - 9
Tabata sit-up: 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/12 - 10

Gord said...

Good Luck this weekend BSO. Let us know how it goes.

Matthew said...

Row 68
Squats 103
Pullups 56
Pushups 101
Situps 94
Total: 422

Not sure how I feel on this one... definitely a good workout though.

Brent Maier said...

Hey BSO, good luck on your qualifiers; it looks like your workouts are going to be exciting. The snatch appears to be a lot of people’s downfall, so if you’re good with the snatch, you should already have an advantage going into WOD #1.

Your prep list looks spot on to me:

- Prepare in advance your own fueling strategies so that come game day, you're not playing with foods or quantities that are going to make you ill.
- I think James has suggested this in the past and has been something I've always done with Martial Arts however it is often overlooked. Visualize your movements and how you are going to approach these workouts. Thinking, sleeping, dreaming about it in advance will help prepare the mind.
- Butterflies are good on game day. Whether they are going to be an advantage or a hindrance is dependent on any competitive background you may already have. Butterflies area good thing, control and use them to your advantage.
- Occasionally someone will ask me during a workout what the hell I'm training for and I oftentimes I simply reply "tomorrow". Every day of your training has prepared you for this moment. Keep it up.

I've never competed in a crossfit event so hopefully others with that experience will chime in on the best way to taper your workouts going into the qualifiers so that you’re at 100% come game time.

Good luck BSO!

Rory Hanlin said...

Tabata This: 8+15+5+10+13= 51

Dissapointed with the score. Need to ratchet up the intensity. Where you at unit?

bso said...

I feel like I should play around with the weights this week... probably today, so that I know what to expect. I've never snatched or deadlifted that heavy in a met-con.

Should I stick to working a few sets, focusing on technique and visualization.... or should I put together a little metcon?

HSPU and snatches are weak spots in my training. My intuition is to kick up to do handstand pushups as much as possible today and tomorrow... tapering off on Thursday and to spend my training session tomorrow afternoon working snatch transfer drills.

Thanks Hixy, Brent and Gord for the feedback and well-wishing... any further insights along the lines of training today and tomorrow would be awesome!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Wellllllll I f%$ded this one up good.

First WOD back after being sick so I was just happy to be back in the game even though it felt like total crap. Didn't read (duhhh) that it was for lowest rep ("Tabata This!" should have been my hint) so I did totals. I felt really weak by the midway point, realistically I needed about 60 minutes to warm-up but that wasn't an option as I worked out at OPT before I went to work at the hall, didn't eat much before but I felt great when I finished.

Low #s for Row and Squat were 6 and 14 and then everything else was totals (64, 72, 103). Numbers are nothing to sneeze at, I'm just glad to be back at 'er. Mentally I was sharp today, this was the perfect WOD to start back up with.

unit said...

As rx'ed

9 + 18 + 10 + 15 + 15 = 67

Spent... b nice 2 have u pushing me Rory... Btw being a dad is amazing, hectic, restless and a joy!... (in regards 2 my baby boy born 4.10.9)...


bso said...

Congratulations unit! My son just turned 1 the other day and it has been the best year of my life. Enjoy!

Gord said...

row -7
squat 14 (had more mental mistake)
pull ups- 11
pushups -11 (12 reps until last 2 sets)
situps -8 (unanchored...ahhhh)

Gord said...


Sweeney said...


I gotta say, you are superhuman!!!

A father, an OR Dr., a crossfit beast.

Looking to see you on the podium at the games.

Congrats on your newborn!!!

PS: what is "~gm2"?

Chad Action Brandt said...

Row = 9
A2G SQ = 15
Pull-ups = 7
Push-ups = 10
Sit-ups = 7
Low = 48

Felt like crap after this WOD! Pukie very close! Poor warm-up, had to rush it do to time constraint.
Nice numbers boys.
Congrats Unit!
Go for it BSO!

Sweeney said...

Total: 53

Row: 8
Squats: 16
Chins: 8
Push Ups: 7
Sit-ups: 14

Squats - could have done 18

Push-ups - hoping for 12 - sorely mistaken - lost it in round 5.

Lauren said...

row- 5
squats- 17
pull-ups- 7
push-ups- 5
sit-ups- 11


Anonymous said...

as rx'd

Row: 7
Squats: 17
Chins: 6
Push Ups: 9
Sit-ups: 8

57 total

rwcorson said...

pull up-9
push ups-10
sit ups-14 I has 15 going and then only got 14 on the last rd.
BSO, good luck. Take it one wod at a time and have fun.

OPT said...

1. your mental state has 80% to do with your prep...focus on what you are going to do, not what might happen
2. physiology lends itself to better prep when you remain at high intensity and keep to low volume pre need to keep the CNS excited...most imptly...there is NO rep/set scheme out there for this as EVERYONE prepares differently...i could give you 20 ex's off hand of top performers and all different preps
therefore, sleep and eat that workout in your head...prepare by staying in the gym as you usually do to keep your CNS on alert but the amount at lower levels
stick with this program and practice some of the skills needed for the weekend...i'll give you some ideas per workout as to how you can change it to ensure the correct response...sorry late response, as with you and unit and others know, children come 1st...

today; do 3 sets of each of the tabata intervals...and all out in each one

rwcorson said...

Sean G, you might want to check your math.
Now that's something coming from me.

Sam Edwards said...

sub push up burpees for row. it was way to nice today to workout in the gym.
Burpee- 6
Pull- 7
sit-up- 15


deejay said...
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deejay said...
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tania said...

I had to sit this one out today. Still feeling terrible from what appeared to be a case of mild food poisoning yesterday.

bso said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys!

Thanks for the detailed post. I received it after my gym session today, so I won't be doing today's session (family 1st), but I was super pumped in the gym and will definitely follow your suggestions tomorrow and Thursday.

Today I worked up to 135 on the snatch to feel it out. Used split snatch technique and it felt real clean. I'd guess it's about 90% of my 1RM.

I've decided based on the 10minute time limit to go with the scaled wods. Really looking forward to this new experience and am super pumped to *finally* have the opportunity to really really play my sport!

Thank you again for your teaching, coaching and support.

Michael FitzGerald said...

That was awful. My worst performance since "The Chief", when I had a little lay-off
Row - 9 (wanted 8)
Sq - 18 (wanted 20)
Chin - 6 (wanted 8)
Push-up - 6 (wanted 13, had 13 until rd 4)
Sit-up - 11 (wanted 13)
Score - 50 (wanted 62)
The only difference between what I wanted, and what I got, was effort. Had none to give. Legs were roasted after squats, which effected everything else.

Rob Sifton said...

Met with the P Man today.

Row = 7
Squats = 15
Pull ups = 7
Push ups = 9
Sit ups = 9
Total = 47

The row was maybe harder than I should have for more points later, but glad I pushed it there.
Well done all.

Brent Maier said...

Row: 9 (9x8)
Squats: 18 (18x8)
Pullups: 8 (9x6/8x2)
Pushups: 7 (10x5/7x3)
Situps: 10 (13/12/10x6)
Total: 52

Unit was in my sights for the Row and Squats. After that I fell back on my standard Tabata totals and fell a little short in the pullups/pushups, although close. Situps unanchored were tougher than regular situps.

Shot for the moon on this one and she kicked me in the nuts. I'm spent.

Evan said...

48...pull ups killed me. Great exercise in mental sharpness in a high intensity workout

Evan said...

For the breakdown

Pullup-5 (garbage)
Push up-7
Sit up-13

bso good luck in the qualifier!

rwcorson said...

All Big Dawgs:
Please email me at
I need everyone's email address.

Grant said...

Row 7 straight after 3 mis-starts due to operator error on 20/10 set-up.
Squat 18 straight (20 next time)
KCU 5 (started @ 11 but crashed to 5).
Push-ups 8 straight (10 next time)
Sit ups 11 (started @ 15 but crashed).
Strategy is everything. Regret the ones that I started too low more than the ones I shot too high & couldn't hold.

Brent Maier said...

Congratulations Unit on the new addition to the family. My boy was born on the same day.

bso said...

Brent, do you mean that your son shares the same birthday, or that you just had another son a couple days ago?

Jefff said...

Row - 8
Squats - 17
Pull-ups - 5
Push-ups - 10
Sit-Ups - 11

Total - 51

All out & nothing left. About time!

unit said...

Thanks y'all 4 the kind regards!... It's much appreciated!... Btw, gm2 are my initials... Garry Martin II... And in case y'all r also wondering, Im honored 2 have Rory as a brother in law... He's been my workout partner of sorts from afar... and it's nice 2 know he keeps my sister safe... Wish I could c y'all at the games, but alas I m unabe 2 attend... the life of a plastic and reconstructive surgery resident doesn't get much for days off... If it were just the games, then it might have been a posibility 2 get a wknd... but now that there is a qualifier; it writes me out 4 a few yrs...
Thanks again!... My son sure makes me glow!...

Brent Maier said...

No BSO, my boy just turned 9 and shares the same birthday.

Bernie said...

row 7
squats 17
pullups 8
pushups 11
situps 12
total 55

rwcorson said...

6 rds + 8 Power Snatch
ring dips were slow, as expected.
Tried to do squats with a very short rest after part 1.
5x 198
4x 220
1x 242 then failed on 2nd rep. Spent.

Steve said...

5+13+6+9+12 = 43

Garage Crossfitter said...


the wheels fell off after the squats...i should have used a better strategy...didnt feel so hott afterwards...