gut check time

build to a tough 1 in the push press - take no more than 20 min
rest 3 min
7 sets for total time;
7 R arm db power snatch - 45#
7 L arm db power snatch - 45#
7 R arm KBS - 20kg
7 L arm KBS - 20kg
10 push up burpees
rest 1 min

post push press 1 rep and total working time of met con to comments

hips must come to full ext at top of snatch before weight is lowered, db must touch ground each rep
KB must be above head height at top of swing
chest to deck on burpees, get air at top with clap overhead

post wod fuelling:
above 12% - 40 g prot/20 g carbs
8-12% - 40g prot/40 g carbs
below 8% - 40g prot/60 g carbs

everyone eats a PFC balanced meal with protein and veggies and good fats within 60-90 min of the post wod fuel


Mack said...


1:22 / 1:24 / 1:26 / 1:25 / 1:28 / 1:27 / 1:22
Combined: 9:44

Gord said...

sick...back tomorrow is goal

mike d said...


new to site-

200 is push press pr- left some in tank today as i did heavy fran yesterday
135 thrusters 15/12/9
ctb pu's 24/18/12

great programming-thanks

Geoff Aucoin said...

185 push press.

1:27,1:32,1:35,1:35,1:35,1:35,1:28 = 10:47

No 20kg KB so had to use 24kg, I'm just glad they had decent KBs at training. Could not get it going for this WOD, I was feeling gassed from set one on. Don't know if warm-up was inadequate or fuelling was off this morning but cripes, what an ass-kicker that was. Feeling good an hour later though.

Got the frickin' EMR exam in a few, that should be fun!

Sweeney said...

PP: 177lbs



Thanks Rob!!!

Ryan G. said...

I did "Annie" today.

Double unders are really coming along. Rope broke on rep 19 of 20. For the last 10 I just went through the motions with half a rope in each hand.

- Time 8:46

Feb 27 2009 - 9:23

Nov 19 2008 - 11:36

Lauren said...



used 35lb DB for all

rwcorson said...

I've been nursing a sore left shoulder/back and also have a cold, so I'm taking the next 3 days off from the WODs.

Rory Hanlin said...

Push Press: 300lbs (PR)

1:20/ 1:16/ 1:21/ 1:22/ 1:18/ 1:22/ 1:18

Total Time: 9:20

I felt great today. Happy with the push press PR. Its funny what good nutrition and lots of sleep will do...

Chad Action Brandt said...

Push-Press = 180lbs PR
175lbs felt hard as hell, then 180 flew up. Left it on a good note!

WOD = 10:41

Trevor Salmon said...

145 push press felt easy so jumped to 165 and failed. Didn't try again as lowering the load aggravated elbow.

disappointing wod though
running clock time was 14:05 after deducting the rest periods
after 2nd round I struggled with the left arm on the swings and power snatch. Failed the gut check on this one.
ass kicker none the less.

PTS said...

push press= 180 lbs

don't have DB's so I did the following for 7 sets

5 reps each arm 55lb KB power clean
5 reps each arm 55lb KBS
10 push up burpees
total time 9:17

bso said...



did push press after
200 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! (35 pound PR... pretty much ecstatic after that)

Michael FitzGerald said...

Push Press - 195# PR
MetCon total - 10:22

Brent Maier said...

Total: 10:57

A disappointing night full of rookie mistakes. Snap out of it Brent!

On the transition to burpees on the 6th round, KB destroyed chalk bucket on last round. I looked like PigPen from Charlie Brown doing PUB's in a cloud of smoke.

Brent Maier said...

Oh and I was so worried about the warmup and getting prepared for the workout, I completely forgot about the PP. *head shaking*

Anyone else have days like this?

Geoff Aucoin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, holy crap, Brent, that's funny s$#t.

Grant said...

At OPT with K & Red
PP 185#
Way to go @ 300# Rory. Wow!
Stomach bug better every day but this was still a gut check. Harder for me to open the hips & jump the KB up with single arm swings (vs. usual 2 hands).

Steve said...


- 15:5

Garage Crossfitter said...

all unbroken
i did 8 reps instead of 7 because i used 40lb DB (only thing i have). That accounted for a slower time. Burpees fast, much improved, very quick recovery after this wod. feeling good.

Garage Crossfitter said...

push press 195
i had another 10 lbs in me but i didnt want to max out.