pull it and push it

for loads:
power clean/push jerk - 1.1 x 9; 240 sec b/t sets

post BWT and highest load to comments

post fuelling:
everyone - 40g prot/10g carb; then a PFC meal 60-90 min later

next 3 will have doubles on the 1st and 3rd workout days, prepare to continue to work hard


Geoff Aucoin said...

Hmmm, doubles at the fire hall... Maybe I should call in dead.

mike d said...

150lbs bw- 5'7.5"

185x1 was max c and j today-it is a pr for the movement but i am not happy with it

185xc but f-jerk
190xc but f-jerk
185xc but f-jerk
175x1 easy
175x1 easy

i listed these in case anyone has insight as to whether i structured in a manor that allows progress or if i stayed in the near max range too much

bso said...

bw 180

Yesterday's gym challenge didn't allow much recovery for my shoulder, so I stayed light with the jerk. Also, worked with the 34mm bar today for kicks.

PC & PJ: 135,155,165
PC: 175(PR),185,185,185,185,185

Sweeney said...


Need to work on the drop. My expectations were significantly higher than my final results.

Chad Action Brandt said...

182lbs bw today


Took awhile to get warm today.
Between 165&175 felt really heavy, then started to get under bar better and 180-185 actually felt smooth like Maranatha Nut Butter!
Goal is 200lbs by end of month

Mack said...

BWT: 195
PC&J: 215

PTS said...

183 lbs CJ 195lbs
failed on 200 twice.

Gord said...

BWT-148 lbs


deejay said...

bwt - 205
PC/PJ - 265.5

Geoff Aucoin said...

BW ~190 (light these days)
PC & J - 210 - missed 215

Not a bad day; lots of energy, fun WOD, good environment. Don't know where that is for PB (don't care), just hammered away at form (thanks James) and I went one set beyond my comfort zone.

Trevor Salmon said...

still no overhead loading so power cleans only but practice jerk balance in between with bar only.
worked up to 165 but wasn't happy with form at all so left it there.
the worked on some positioning drills
halting clean DL with clean shrug
tall cleans

Michael FitzGerald said...

Tried my best with the Push Jerks, but the shoulder just wouldn't feel good. Lots of aggrevation with the lockout. Tried lots of soft tissue rolling with the ball,then went back at it, but no go. Made it to 145, then 155 and couldn't make my brain press it.
Instead did 5,4,3,2,1 rep rds for time: BWT Squat Clean - 187# & MU's.
Time was 5:12.

Steve said...

230 failed on the jerk.

Anonymous said...

struggle doing jeks today

153,173,183,203,213 all clean and push press

183,193.198,200.5 clean and push jerk

frustrated so did

body weight squat clean(176)
chest to bar chins
rings dips

rested 3 min.

amrap chins 28

bso said...

Saw you were doing your EMR exam yesterday. I just did mine today! Was yours a recert or something?

Brent Maier said...


40/50/60/65/70/80/90/95/100kg (220lbs)

Focused on explosive pulls straight up from mid-foot. All the cleans were explosive spot on. Jerks started to lose their snap at 95kg and up. The slower pace today was great!

Lauren said...

95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 135, 140, 145 150(F)

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yes, bso, I was at an EMR refresher all week, and they could have condensed all the time they spent 'teaching' into about 5 hours total.

Rory Hanlin said...
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Rory Hanlin said...

BWT: 228

C&J: 295

failed on 315

Grant said...

132/152/155/165/175 but was more of a PP so stayed there but not improving so called it a day. Thanks for the input James & Geoff.

deejay said...
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Garage Crossfitter said...

bwt 174
Worked up to 220(tied pr)
220 was sloppy, i caught the power clean with wide feet and i didnt catch the jerk at the bottom of the second dip with a lockout but i was able to stand and finish the lift.