two more

part 1:
for time;
50 GHD back extensions
75 double unders
100 anchored sit ups
75 double unders
50 GHD back extensions

rest 4 hours

part 2:
for total time;
Sprint Run 400m, rest 2 min x 2

score=task priority FGB total time from yesterday+part 1 wod time+part 2 total time
(i.e. 14:00 + 8:00 + 3:00 = 25:00 as score)

hands crossed at chest for back extensions
no abmat for sit ups
be exact on rest time for sprints, get to a track if you can

post score and your fuelling to comments


Geoff Aucoin said...

Any tracks in the NW worth mentioning? I may just do in my neighbourhood...

OPT said...

foothills or drive south to glenmore, it'll be worth your time

Geoff Aucoin said...

Thanks boss. There's 400m of relatively unobstructed flat road a mere walking distance from my house, that's in the lead for me now...

Sweeney said...


I'm going to try Foothills if you are interested

Gord said...

I am interested in the foothills Sweeney. What time are you thinking? We can make it a date!!

Sweeney said...

Part I: 6:40

Running Total: 22:25

Sit-ups were the mitigating factor. Abs were fine but I was getting wierd cramps in the front side of my lower leg. Probably not enough warm-up.

Gord, I'm thinking around 1 or 2pm this afternoon for the run.

Gord said...

sweeney..DJ and I are in for the foothills @ 2pm. Anybody else interested?

Brent Maier said...

Part A: 8:15

Gord said...


situps were straight through but slow. last set of du's broken more than I liked.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Sweeney lets do it at 4:30 pm, Gord, DJ are in.

deejay said...

part 1 - 6:59
Total running time = 17:39

Ryan G. said...

Part 1.

Time- 8:21

- Double unders really progressing.

Sweeney said...


Not sure if Foothills track is available but we can check it out anyway. I'll bring the Garmin in case we need to find a flat spot nearby

See you at 4:30

unit said...

Part 1 - 5:39

6 min rest

Part 2 - 61 / 58
track description - 160m, indoor, flat, pentagonal... Rory, I know u feel my pain on that... Couldn't believe I broke 60 on that piece... Perhaps I may b back in sub 50 shape?...

Total - 19:18

Rory, bro, where u at?


Grant said...


Geoff Aucoin said...


After seeing some other times I felt sub-6 was in the cards, only missed one double, which was the only time I stopped the whole WOD, so my cycle time for sit-ups (anchored) was just too slow. I probably paced them a little slow initially so I wouldn't have to break them so I need to increase the speed there. Very woozy now.

Lauren said...

part one - 7:56

Brittany said...

Part 1 - 5:34 as rx'd

rwcorson said...

I spent over an hour warming up and the back felt pretty good as time went on.
Messed up 3-4 times on 2nd rd of DUs, so that cost me some time.

Michael FitzGerald said...

pt 2 - 5:18
Total = 15:34

Rob Sifton said...

Part I

Rob Sifton said...

Part II
Run 1 = 1:13
Run 2 = 1:16

Total = 28:42

Grant said...
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Grant said...

part#2 @ Eau Claire pathway between the helipad & CTrain bridge
1:15 & 1:15 (consistent at least)
15 + 10:25 + 2:30 = 27:55

Brent Maier said...

Part A: 8:15
Part B: 2:18 (1:04PR/1:14)

A Comments: I want a rematch on this one. I should have gotten in the 7's.

B Comments: I set the GPS distance/interval timer for .25 with a 2 minute rest. Wanted to train the brain on this by getting out on the street as opposed to a track or treadmill. First spring was balls out for me and it went well. Halfway through the second 400, fatigue set in and I shifted from sprint mode into survival mode.

Chad Action Brandt said...

FGB = 12:27
Part 1 = 5:33
Part 2 = 1:02 / 1:07
TOTAL = 20:09

Coach I had to do these back to back, no 4hr rest at the Brandt/Burton house hold took over.
That 4hr rest would have made a huge difference; I cramped up after my last lap really bad! Butt and hammy cramps!

SON/MAP 1/2hr pre wod
Post: 3 scoops Recoverite,
1 Bison sausage
1hr later I will eat a block meal of:
5 pro/5 cho/ 10-15 fat

Sweeney said...

FGB: 15:45
Part 1: 6:40
Part 2: 1:15/1:12 = 2:27

Total: 24:52

Great afternoon with the crew out at the track.

Thanks Rob for the coaching.

Gord said...

Part B 1:12/1:17

great to run with the crew at the track. lots of encouragement. Thanks to Trev and Rob for coaching

Katrina Burton said...

Part 1 = 5:28
Part 2 = 1:18/1:14

No stops or trip ups in part 1. Only way to make that one faster is the situps and I pushed those pretty hard. 15 min between part 1 and part 2, like Chad said we had company over the weekend. VERY pleased with my runs times... I don't run much and don't care for it much either. Nice final push on that last run Chad!

Brent Maier said...

Part B Fueling:
Post shake: 30gP/1gC
>60 min: 2 Salmon fillets on top of salad, applesauce, cottage cheese.
Before bed: Broccoli/spinach/Udos/27g complex protein/2tbs almond butter/naked green machine/BCAA's

tania said...

Part 1: 7:54

All unbroken except for the second set of DUs. That first set was actually the most DUs I've ever done in a row. The sit-ups took forever, was making an effort to touch head to mat and chest to thighs on each rep.

Part 2: 1:14/1:16

19:51 + 7:54 + 2:30 = 30:15

rwcorson said...

Fun time with other Dawgs @ Foothills track.

deejay said...

Part 2 - 1:08/1:14 = 2:22
2 day total = 20:01

Ryan G. said...

- Not sure how close run was to 400m, was more like 400 paces.

Time- 1:21 / 1:29

Total- 27:38 ( Not including any rest times. )

Geoff Aucoin said...

Had to fudge Pt. II a little at the soccer field next to my place; I had my little boy with me so I was running double duty. The distance around the field was definately well under 400m and the sharp turns caused me to slow down and speed up a lot. Still, I was chugging like a train. Times were 1:02 and 1:07. Ow.

Total 19:37

bso said...

Great Basin wod 3
800m run
3 rounds:
10 155# squat clean
20 c2b pullups
30 30" box jump
800m run
18th overall

Geoff Aucoin said...

Sorry, 20:37.

Well done, bso!

rwcorson said...

Nice finish BSO.

Brent Maier said...

That final event looks tough! Great job on your finish! I bet your glad it's over now aren't you.

Lauren said...

400m at glenmore

total= 23:32

Sam Edwards said...

A. 7:00
B. 1:18

Total time- 27:38

Bernie said...

part 1
part 2

Steve said...


subbed 16kg kettle bell swings for back ext

Run 1 Slow
Run 2 Slower

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part I= 7:15
ALl back x unbroken, first set of DU unbroken, 70 straight situps.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Real bad lactic acid after the last run, my legs felt like jello last 200m of last run, and i think my form went to sh*t. Happy with times though...