Mon April 27th, 2009

for loads:
Press - 3,2,1; 180 sec b/t sets
3 min rest
for total meters:
sprint row 10 sec, rest 20 sec x 5
3 min rest
for time;
40 push up burpees - jump to 12" overhead

post loads, total meters and time for burpee reps to comments

post wod fuel - male:
above 12% - 35g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 35g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 35g prot/40g carb

post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 25 g prot/15 g carb
12-14% - 25 g prot/20 g carb
below 12% - 25 g prot/25 g carb

eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone


rwcorson said...

Thanks for the early post.
Push hard Dawgs! We're closing in on D-day.

Sweeney said...

Only 7 more sleeps 'til Marble Slab. Mmmmmmmmm

Michael said...

Hey James,
I was wondering if you could give some insight into how you go about determining post wod nutrition.

Brent Maier said...

... and only 20 days until pumpkin cookies! Tomorrow is short and sweet, push it hard guys!

OPT said...

michael, long answer but to shorten it,,,i take into consideration the intensity which makes it different than most recommendations...i.e. it seems everyone recommends a certain number of each macronutrient as gospel without considering the BF%, the level of CNS fatigue combined with the level of cellular breakdown...all of these combined with gender differences in insulin sensitivity and the way we all absorb proteins and carbs gives a little start into how one recovers...i hope that helps a little

Geoff Aucoin said...

Brent, 20 days is too long to deny yourself of pumpkin cookies. Dairy Queen yes, pumpkin cookies no...

Katrina Burton said...

Press 3@75# (PR), 2@80# (PR), 1@86#

Row - 332m

Burpees - 2:15

Gummo said...

1x165 (tied PR)
Tried and failed at a 175# attempted. Close, but I just couldn't lock out.

Total Meters: 301M Tried to set an interval workout on my C2 but it wouldn't register under 20 secs. PLayed it by ear in determining the meters.

PUB time: 3:01 20 PUBs in a minute, then I hit a wall and finished a hair over three. Ugh.

70 degrees at 9:30, perfect weather to workout outside in.

Hixy said...

Thanks everyone for the tips regarding my buy of kettlebells. Definitely going to get some.

3 - 40 kg (90#)
2 - 47,5 kg (105,5#)
1 - 52,5 kg - fail (116,7#)

Row: 373 m

PUB: 2:06

Word: "aftener" as in "aften", which means "evening" in danish!

OPT said...

alas...another example about post wod nutrition...books/papers/journals/experts say that a "30 minute workout" requires this amount of recovery...
these are folks that have never done Murph, Linda, or Cindy...all requiring different amounts of carbs, protein and their balance
ex. Cindy requires less protein post exercise b/c of the less CNS demand than does Linda even if they took the same post wod Cindy would be like this for a 180# male - 35-40 g prot and 60g carb,,,and post wod for Linda for the same dude would be 45 g protein and same amount of carbs as the CNS demand if much higher (i always thought that Linda should not be called the 3 bars of death but "CNS meltdown") but the cellular fatigue is arguably less...
hope that makes you ask some more questions

Rory Hanlin said...


Since we are on the subject, how does the post WOD meal figure into the daily PFC zone meals? What I mean by that is, does one take into consideration the post WOD meal when measuring out the blocks for the day, or is it in addition to the daily blocks of macro-nutrients?

Rory Hanlin said...

One more question about post WOD fueling that I've been wanting to ask for some time. On Sept 25th you posted this statement:

"milk itself...another time 2 give you another reason why it is possibly next to licorice and safeway pepperoni meat THE WORST option out there for post workout fuel."

This surprised the hell out of me. It seems to me that milk is the perfect post WOD fuel. The proportions are excellent and the protein is high quality. When I was strength training, I used milk as a post WOD fuel all of the time. I know I am not alone in the Crossfit community in my support of milk. If this is indeed true, then I definitely need to change some of my post WOD ritual.

I think there is a definite difference between Post WOD and daily PFC meal and the question is, where does milk belong?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Uh oh, a milk-related topic. Rory I believe James might get into quality of foods vs how good it is in relation to Zone meals. If you are talking RAW milk I'm sure James will be more forgiving but Safeway milk ain't gonna cut it for a quality product.

Anonymous said...

did yesterday's workout this morning....

131, 141, 151 OHS
201, 211, 216 Power clean

58 push-ups
33 unanchored sit-ups

PTS said...

140x3 , 150x2, 160x1

SDLHP 45lbs 40 reps

40 PUB 12" over head: 1:47

pleased with todays workout. press was 15# better than CFT press on 2-25, and burpees went well.

Chad Action Brandt said...

3 @ 125#
2 @ 135#
1 @ 147# new PB

Row Total Meters

40 PUB's

Anonymous said...


What do you think of Pre WO carbs? I've been on very low carbs lately (except for carbing up the night before and during the qualifiers) and been having issues wanting to workout or gassing even with adding PWO. However half a sweet potato seem to fix the problem.

If it makes a difference - I'm eating paleo, with at least half of my meat intake coming from grass fed/wild caught (buying a half cow shortly to push this ratio up), no dairy, gluten, caffeine etc. Following a supplement plan from Dr. Eades "Protein Power Lifeplan".

I'm trying to lean out a bit- so was wondering how the Pre WO would affect the process.

I'm at 220 6'3" and just qualified for the Games.

Anonymous said...

Forgot the sig

Leo S
CrossFit Evolution

Steve said...

170x1 new pb felt easy today

Row 409 m

burpee's - 2:43

Geoff Aucoin said...

Leo S, congrats on qualifying! How was the weekend at the Dirty South Qualifier??

deejay said...

Press - 152(3)/176(1)/176(1)
row - 411m
PUB - 2:03

rwcorson said...

PUB to 12" jump-1:54
Man that smoked me. Last 20 were tough.

Rory Hanlin said...

Press: 205x3 215x2 230xfail 225x1

Row: 401m

PUB: 2:45

Michael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Hazboun said...

Thanks for the response James, it cleared up some stuff. I am just very interested in your thought process and the science behind nutrition.

Sweeney said...

Press: 120, 130, 140

Rows: 409

PUB: 1:48 (lotsa breaks)

Michael FitzGerald said...

Press - 143(3)/148(2)/158(F)
Rowing - 53/52/57/58/58
PUB's - 1:43

Gord said...

shoulder press

153 X3
155 X1 (failed on second rep)
158 x1

row -damper 5 45/42/43/44/42= 216

burpees- 1:30 -straight through

Bernie said...

OPT I was wondering if we are not competing or trying to peak should we still be doing this scheldue? Thanks.

Brent Maier said...

Static Press: 70/75/80xkg (75kg 165#)
Row: 438 (Avg 7 pulls on the 10)
PUBs: 1:48

Chest cold made it a challenge for air starting the 25th burpee. I kept churning them out despite the goo fest in the chest. I am on the up and should be at 100% after tomorrow. The burpees were still a great performance for me if you knew how bad I was at them back in November.

Static press was a little weak tonight but no worries. Did we expose a weakness in Rorys armour tonight? :). Where you at Geoff? Great job everyone!

Mack said...

3 X 145
2 X 165
1 X 185



unit said...

135 x3, 165 x2, 195 (fail)

Rest 3min

58 / 61 / 60 / 61 / 63 = 303 (1:21 / 500 pace... Kudos 2 those that were rowing 1:05 pace...)

Rest 3 min

Pub's... 1:54

Rest 6 min

5 sets of...
21 sdhp's 95lbs
21 ring dips
~ 8:14

10 min rest

21, 15, 9
OH squat 95 lbs
C2B pullups
~ 4:39


Grant said...

OPT with Trev, Don, Michelle
SP 142/147/157pb

51/50/53/51/53/53/51/47/50/52 = 511
deducted the coasting distance but did 10 by mistake


Katrina Burton said...

Whoops... I included the coasting distance. I was pulling like a maniac and didn't think about writing each interval of meters down. I'm guessing I was about 32-40m x 5.

deejay said...

Unit... what qualifiers are you competing in?

Brent Maier said...

Katrina, good clarification. My row intervals were performed with an interval timer, not maintained on the rower. The last pull from each round pulled in some extra meters as it wound down.

Sweeney said...

As long as we're at the confessional, I probably had about 200m of coast. I'll say a few extra Hail Mary's tonight and we'll call it even.

deejay said...

no need for a confessional, the scoring was up for interpretation, all that matters is that you rowed balls out for 10 secs 5 times. Who gives a shit what your score is, the real test is on sat...

Geoff Aucoin said...

Worked up to 143 on press, averaged ~52m/row (no coasting), 2:21 for burpees-imploded after 20.

Loooooooong warm-up to keep the neck happy, worked at about 80% so I didn't re-injure it although the legs were the slow part for the last 20 burpees.

Lauren said...

85 (3), 95 (2), 105(F), probably should have went with 100, but I really wanted to lock out 105.

row 360 (with coasting)

PUB- 2:23, quads were a super burn.

Anonymous said...

135/155/175 shoulders been bothering me lately, pain is starting to creep down to my elbow as well.....

row: 60/58/58/60/54

pushup burpees: 2:08

unit said...

if only i could go to a qualifier, that would be the day.
unfortunately i don't see myself competing in a crossfit games competition for quite some time. as a plastic surgery resident i spend [at times] > 80 hours a week at the hospital and don't get weekends off [lucky if i get 24 hours off in a row a week]... and for vacation, we can't take vacation in june/july as that's when we switch residents so that the newbies come, the graduats go into practice and i'll just be moving up a year. thus, i'll not get time off to be able to compete in the games. even if i were able to get the weekend off for the national games, i can't get a weekend to do a qualifier. wish i could... so, so, much, so that i can see how i would do amongst other crossfitters. thus, as is, i find myself trying to enjoy residency and get some good workouts in for furthering my mind and body. i really enjoy this community and for james, i thank u. it's a pleasure to be a part of this community, even if i don't get an opportunity to compete in the games against y'all.


unit said...

oh... and i'm finishing my second year of residency... 4 to go... so perhaps at that time...

anyone have anysuggestions...

Sweeney said...


Given your times and the way you kick the sh*t out of some of these WODS, I would like to see you and your brother in law (Rory) go H2H on video. James and Bionic competed with each other via You-Tube video and it was awesome. The rest of us Calgary boys compete H2H on occasion and it really binds the ties.

Just a thought. It'll let the rest of put a face to the name too.

deejay said...

Come on unit, get your priorities straight... jk, thats too bad. I'm sure if you competed you would do well...

Scott Schactler said...

For the nutrition amounts ie 40g protein/40g carbs. is this the weight on the scale(40g chicken breast) or nutritional content weight (so 40g protein would be around 5.5 zone blocks)