high power/long duration

for total time;
part A:
5 rounds:
185#/135# Dead Lift x 8
12 ring push ups
rest 3 min
part B:
5 rounds:
15 box jumps - 24"
15 KBS - 1.5pd/1pd
rest 3 min
part C:
5 rounds:
8 chest to bar chin ups
12 Goblet Squat - 2pd/1.5pd

add total time of part A, B and C and post time to comments


Hixy said...

Is the 3 min rest included between each of the 5 rounds or are they only meant to seperate part A,B and C?

Rory Hanlin said...

Going to skip this one. I'll be at an event called Summer Strong hosted by Sorinex equipment company in South Carolina. This is a one day competition with two CF WOD's and prizes go to the winners.

I'll try to post the workouts and antics of the day.

David X said...

Part 1-4:44
Part 2-8:49
Part 3-6:22
total: 19:55

going to the lake for the day. Post notes later.

David X said...

Part 1 I flew straight through no problems.
Part 2 the box jumps gassed me pretty good
early on but I paced myself through without pausing. I actually should have pushed harder here. Kb swings unbroken.
Part 3 c2b chins unbroken as well as the goblet squats.

Garage Crossfitter said...

total= 14:57

part 1 wasnt bad, broke last set of pushups.

part II box jumps slow and paced, swings unbroken

partIII CTB unbroken, took 10 sec break then squats were unbroken, this round was very hard mentally for me.

20 min after puked 6 times, took almost an hour to recover after this one.....it was a smoker coach

whoof whooff

PTS said...

7:39--not pleased
total- 17:05

last 2 sets of pushups broken
broke last 2 sets of box jumps
broken CTB's.

This last cycle re-enforced to me the importance of proper recovery. 4-6 hours sleep for 3 straight days doesn't cut it.

deejay said...
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Gord said...

Was not feeling well from the time I got out of bed. Figured I would do what I could and call it a day.

Wod 1- 3:36
Wod 2- 6:26
Wod 3- 13:54 ( wheels fell of in round 1- 6 G.squats in-had a date with pukie. goal after was to just finish the wod)

deejay said...

Did this one at Pure CrossFit in Red Deer. Ring PU's were with feet one a box. 70# DB subbed for KB on KBS and goblet squats.
Part A - 4:18 -
Part B - 7:36 - KBS w/ DB were brutal
Part C - 5:48 - C2B unbroken, squats were brutal, lower back was on fire.

I am disappointed with these times. I wanted sub 5 on all 3 parts. Definitely doable... off to Sylvan Lake for some much needed relaxation...

Jefff said...

WOD #1 - 4:11 Deads easy. Had to break up last 2 rounds of ring push-ups

WOD #2 - 7:16 Box jumps got slow. KBS straight through
WOD #3 - 6:33 sub'd chin break vertical plane of bar instead of C2B (garage ceiling too low). Goblet squats were nasty in rounds 3,4,5. Arms, and low back were cooked

Total - 18:00 Mins

Matt said...

wod1: 2:37
wod2: 6:12
wod3: 7:16

total: 16:05

first wod felt really strong
2nd wod started to gas, legs were on fire.
3rd wod tanked out, breathing and legs was the issue. Ctb pullups were easy, lowerback and legs were so burnt that goblet squats crushed me...left me floored. Feel like I've been drinking all day in the sun down at the river. Hit the pool afterwards. Will roll and stretch later this evening, to whipped right now.

wod1: 3:16
wod2: 8:16
wod3: 9:48

unit said...

wod 1 - (subbed 225lb DL) - 2:48
wod 2 - 5:20
wod 3 - 5:45

total - 13:53


Michael FitzGerald said...

WOD 1 - 3:27
WOD 2 - 4:50
WOD 3 - 4:30...felt like fran the entire time..just awful! Know pain, know gain.
Total = 12:47

Brent Maier said...

WOD 1: 3:53 w/85kg (187#)
WOD 2: 6:48
WOD 3: 6:14
Total: 16:55

WOD 1 Notes: Almost got through round 3 of ring pushups unbroken. All DL were fast and furious. Had to run about 20 ft between stations. Pushups in round 4 & 5had the most impact on time.

WOD 2 Notes: First round blazing! After that, it was push through box jumps. Mentally I wanted to break up the KBS going into them each round but by the time I hit 10, I only had 5 left. No problem

WOD 3 Notes: Something happened to shoulder about 2 weeks ago with the 100+ c2b pullups we did if I recall. Normal chin to bar pulls, I can crank them off. When I go chest and start rolling with them, I get a strain/pull feeling in right shoulder blade area on the descent down from the top. I am not sure what is going on but I can crank off full singles without a problem. So, this was done with all singles, dropping from the top. Cost me some time but thats all I can do until this heals. All squats were painfully unbroken!

unit said...

just wanted to say thats an awesome job michael!... u rocked a tough one!...
great wod coach!... i loved it!...

post wod fuel - whey protein 50gm

then worked on some 2pood kb snatches... got to 27 (15 right and 12 left... then 3 blisters ripped and called it quits)... goal eventually is 100... with a single arm switch as in competition...


unit said...

of note... i've worked my way up to 205 w/ a 18kg kb...

Lauren said...

A- 6:43
B- 6:44
C- 6:45


felt super pukey gross after.

some good times out there- good push!

Scotty Hagnas said...

A - 3:25'
B - 9:07'
C - 6:36'


A- not bad, slowed only by breaking the pushups in the last 2 rounds.
B- this one sucked...had to just keep a steady pace.
C- goblet squats painful in the later rounds.

Happy with my recovery between mini-WODs, though.

PWO: 40p/60c grape juice/whey/lysine

Sweeney said...

Felt awesome in the warmup...yesterday, then I got called to duty and couldn't do the WOD.

Got up on Sunday and felt like an uphill grind the whole way.

A: 2:50 - Felt good
B: 6:12 - Felt awful
C: 5:50 - Felt nothing, nada, nope!


Pretty Dizzy afterward.

rwcorson said...

Sunday, June 28/09
Team WOD @ OPT
Part 1
Gals ran 800m together, slowest time was time for all, 3:05.
Geoff & I did Big Tire flips back & forth for the 3:05, 22 reps.
We then ran 800m, again slowest time counted, 2:56. My time was 2:48. Nice work Geoff!!
Gals did team tire flips, all 3 working together to flip the big sucker, 20 reps in 2:56.
Rest 4 mins.
Part 2
One team member ran 400m with 40# sandbag as the others did PUBs for reps. One team member does a PUB, then the 2nd, then the 3rd and then the 4th, repeating this order until the 400m run is done. Then the next person runs & the PUBs continue. Everyone must run once.
Total time 11:33
Rest 4 mins
Part 3
Tabata situps for low score. Lowest score is team score=12
My low-15

unit said...
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unit said...

Rest day 2day, tried my legs out on the track... Haven't sprinted in a while...

5 x 150m w/ 2 min rest bw runs...

not 2 terrible the last 3 (24 mid pace in flats w minimal rest, I'll take it!)... Feel like 22 should b as easy as it's ever been right now (PR of 22.2 for those track lovers out there)... Will prob try in a couple wks...


Todd Dyer said...

wod #1 =3:22
wod#2= 6:40
wod#3 = 4:41
total= 14:43

Mike C said...

Good Lord that was miserable.

Worked up to a heavy single clean and jerk: 275 lbs.

then the Wod:

A: 4:24
B: 9:07...this was the worst for me
C: 8:53

22:24 total