Sunday June 7th, 2009 - CP Explosive

A1. Bench Press @ 30X0; 4-6 x 5; 10 sec
A2. Clap Push Ups @ 10X0; 10 reps x 5; 120 sec
A3. High Bar Back Squat @ 30X0; 4-6 x 5; 10 sec
A4. Explosive Jumping Air Squats @ 10X0; 10 reps x 5; 120 sec
B. GHD Raises @ 3010; 8-12 x 5 sets; 90 sec b/t sets

post weights and notes to comments
30X0 means 3 sec down, 0 sec pause at bottom, explode on concentric and 0 sec pause at top
keep thighs above parallel on air squats, focus on explosion on landing
chest to deck and there must be an audible clap for reps to count on push ups
5 workouts will be posted for next 3 day cycle...all for total is up to you to decide the order and the time frame b/t each well on Monday


Kathleen said...
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PTS said...

bench: 185x5, 195x5, 205x5, 212x3, 205x3

squat: 195x5,215x5,232x5, 235x3, 205x5

I;m gonna miss out on the 5 wods for time as I have a soccer tourney on thurs and fri. I hate missing the "for total time" cycle.

Will probably hit one or 2 of the WODs on tues.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Do we move from A1, to A2 to A3 to A4 like a superset with noted breaks, 5 times? or do we finish bench, then finish pushups etc...
I am assuming we finsh B. by itself at the end of the wod...
THanks dawgs

Geoff Aucoin said...

Superset it, Garage, and B is all by it's self.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Bench 155,175x4 ; last 2 sets of clapping pushups i could only manage 6 but finished out with explosive regular ones.

squats 165,175,185,200,215

GHD raises 10,10,10,8,10

Thks geoff

Ryan G. said...

Due to some unforseen circumstances I have been/will be unable to leave the group home I work at untill Monday. Kinda sucks as I feel like my momentum was just getting back to normal.

I will attack the total time WOD's with a vengence.

Jefff said...

Bench Press-
Back Squat-

deejay said...

BP - 198-203(5)-208(4)-213(2)-198(3)
Squat - 220-240-270-296-316(3)
GHD - 10-10-8-6-6

Rory Hanlin said...

Went heavy first then worked on getting speed on the bar.

Bench Press 315x2 335x2

BP and Squat weight=185

Really worked on getting explosive speed with each rep. I haven't done dynamic work in a while.. felt great.

Evan said...

At CF Regina,

5 Rounds
15 2x40lb DB Split Clean
21 Pullups

Tore hands on second last set of pullups. Slowed progress but got through it alright. Thanks for the push and coaching Chris

Chad Action Brandt said...

A1. Bench Press 155#
A2. Clap Push Ups: Tough going from yesterdays ICC Edmonton Challenge
A3. High Bar Back Squat 155#
B. GHD Raises: havingthe proper machine helps a lot. Still need some work.

Thanks Gord and Giles for the help today at OPT> My brain was a little fried from the ICC Challenge in Edmonton and all the friggen driving.
Placed 4th in the challenge,
4reps out of 3rd place.
You can check my blog for all the scores.

Brent Maier said...

A1: BP 60/70/75/70/90kg (198lbs)
A2: Clap PU: First round unbroken and slowly gathered momentum in the broken department.
A3: HBBS: 90/90/95/95/100kg (220lbs)
A4: Explosive with slight burn
B1: GHD Raises: All sets unbroken. These things are evil!

I hope I chose a good weight on A1/A3. I wasn't sure if explosion out of the hole after a 3sec negative was enough or you wanted them snappier with light weight. I errored on the side of caution with a little more weight.

This week has hit so hard on my weaknesses it isn't funny. Freaking great 3 day cycle. I'm wrecked! Wish I could have been there for the event Chad, sounds like it was a blast.

funbobby said...

comment for action brandt

brother you competed like a champ and all three of us loved meeting you and eric and i considered it an honor to compete with a true monster like yourself.

as i looked over the video of the weekend there is a great shot of you yelling at me in the dying minutes of the amrap to leave it all on the floor in a true show of sportsmanship.

see you in a few weeks brother


Geoff Aucoin said...

Did a nasty team WOD at CFC today;

Tabata row (lowest cals)
1 minute off
1 minute of doubles
1 minute off
4 minute for rounds of 5 push-ups/5 KBS 1.5pd
1 minute off
1 minute of doubles
1 minute off
Tabata row (lowest cals)

My scores were 9,72,10+3 PU,60,7

Team score was based on lowest number by any team member all added together and I forget what that was.

Grant said...



the GHD raises are crazy difficult if you do then right. I had to modify. Thanks DJ.

Kathleen said...

A1:85(6) 90(6) 92.5(5) 95(4f)
A3: 98(6) 108(6) 115(6) 125(6)
1 set Back ext, then remainder learned GHD raises and completed

David X said...

Bench Press: 155
Back Squat: 205

Sore as hell from yesterday's WOD and really effected my burst in this WOD.

Should have used more weight in the bench thought that that weight would've caught up to me, but it didn't. Weight for the squat seemed heavier than it should have.

Lauren said...

A1. 95/105/115/125/135(5)
A2. 155/175/185/195/205(3)

Hixy said...

Bench Press: 50kg first 3 sets, 45 kg last 2 sets. Focused on being as explosive as possible, thus the lower weight.

Squat: 60 kg all 5 sets. 1 RM is 115 kg or so, but it's hard for me to be explosive at the bottom of a squat.

Good one.

Sweeney said...

I took advantage of the child-free day to get a WOD in with Momo.

Did the CFC WOD: Hang Clean.

Worked up to 185lbs and failed 195lbs three times. I got under it OK, but I just couldn't stick it at the bottom.

Gord said...

Bench 155
If I went heavier I lost the 30x0 pace.

Todd Dyer said...

Had to adapt this one cause on holidays.
Wife sat on my back for heavy push ups(don't tell her I said heavy) then did clapping. She jumped on my back for square then did jumping. Did 5 sets then 3 hours of surfing tough day. Suckers